The fall of USA is closer than i thought

I have always said that uncle sam’s biggest weakness is pride and arrogance


This is very normal. Weaker nations get bullied everytime and that doesn’t mean that US would collapse tomorrow because a whiny nation was not included in some useless summit. FYI, New Zealand and Canada were excluded from AUKUS yet they are part of Five Eyes. Did the US collapse? You judge. Copium tupu. What would really really collapse the US is a full scale war with China coupled with internal strife. Hii ingine ni wivu tupu.

US can’t sanction China and vice versa, they are now equals , that should tell you something

But how can a lapdog whine? Kazi yake ni to sit until called. They have not yet been called. Nz and canada are the lapdogs. Very obedient. Role models. If only all countries were like them…

Mexico president amesema he is not attending that summit in amurica. Wako on decline any war wataendea ndio itakuwa last nail on the coffin.
Hizo military drill zao na seuth korea. Msito kim jong un fired 8 test missiles. America wakashiver and fired huko deep sea to save face.
Msito hatambui mashoga.

I don’t think you get it. The big story here is Mexico and other countries like Bolivia boycotting the event in solidarity with Cuba and the other uninvited countries .

It’s a huge embarrassment to Biden and a demonstration of how the US is losing the narrative and propaganda war in its backyard.

US iko na shida zake lakini mutangoja downfall for a long time. For one if u take the top 10 companies in the world maybe 1 or 2 are not in the US. Military - China is 2nd but does not even spend half of what us spends.

They just need to toughen up in a changing world n stop agenda za democrats to please everyone. Siku za Kissinger ilikuwa speak softly and carry a big stick. China is currently in that phase n that’s why they are making big strides.

If U.S falls, the mighty dollar will fall. That means Kenya, like most countries tied to the West, will also fall. The last thing you want is U.S to fall because the world will be chaos.

The US will loose its hegmnon status at some point in future. But thats impossible to predict. Britain had been top dog in the world since the 1700s. During the Napoleonic wars, watu walisema Britain kwisha. But they still emerged ontop and from 1815 to 1914, had their best run ever when they were truely the unchallenged world power. They even had the audacity to kidnap American sailors and press them into the Royal Navy yani hii ni matharao. That was one of the causes of the War of 1812 between the US and Britain

Consequently, America has also had one hell of a run since 1945 and especially after 1991.

But China is playing a very smart game. They are very patient and forward looking.

I believe their game will take decades to play out though I doubt they can be a true world power with their dictatorship in place. Dictatorships are just not trusted as safe havens. A good example is why are chinese millionaires/billionaires moving a large part of their money out of China if China is the future and putting it in the West and also educating their kids in the west? We see the same thing with Russias Oligarchs putting their money in Britain. Why isnt Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Bezos taking their money to China for safe keeping and taking their kids to China for education? fact is, no one trusts a dictatorship with their money.

At the end of the day, that summit means little. Just abit of egg on the face that will be wiped away by uncle Sam

FVCK the US ianguke hata Kesho. We are sick of them H0mosexuals and Terrorists

US should take over Canada and Aus do the same for NZ

Yeap, they are roughly on the same wavelength.

The sun will never set on the Yunare Stes empire


The fall and rise of modern-day empires will not take the timelines of old empires. It took the US, for example, over 150 years of independence to become a global superpower. It has taken China 30. It took over 300 years for the Roman Empire to decay. It took less than 50 for the British Empire to collapse (in 2014, the sun could not set on the British empire. In 1964, it had all but gone).

The collapse of the US, like the collapse of the USSR will be volcanic, not seismic. It will erupt on the world like a tsunami, as if from nowhere. Many people prolly don’t know it, but the US is only propped up by the dollar being the global reserve currency. When the dollar collapses, as it will within the next 20 years, the US will collapse.

The Ukraine/Russia has told the rest of the world that its foolish to keep their assets in dollars in Western capitals. If Russia can be sanctined, what about China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Iran, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, etc?

Going forward expect a gradual withdrawal of capital from Western markets and from the dollar towards more reliable assets, such as gold or silver, or even other natural resources. When this trickle becomes a run, the US economy will tank and its social problems, already at a breaking point (no country can sustain the level of gun crime {over 30,000 dead pa} and drug abuse {over 100,000 dead pa} like is happening in America indefinitely).

Throw in the odd war that takes another trillion or two and you’ll have an empire standing on sand…

kuna channel pale youtube mimi hufuatilia sana inaitwa econoy and geopolitics.

according to that channel china is not yet at a point of outsmarting the US.they can threaten make noise but the uUS remains king.that is because china depends alot on thr us.all china offers the US is raw material logistics and labour.nothing else to worry.

as for russia,she has to attack 5 more nations around her and succesively take over before she starts dealing with population chalenges

US is the biggest China market. Were it not the US, sijui kama they could have achieved what they have achieved.

I don’t know what facts that guy is basing his opinions on but he seems misguided. China and the US are joined at the hip. China is America’s factory and also holds over a trillion dollars of US debt.
Offering “raw materials, logistics and labour” sounds trivial to armchair analysts but that’s basically what drives economies

Itabidi mjifunze economic geography ndio mjue how the country should bet its future .
As China has grown see how trade and the world economy has shifted towards her .Hapa usisahau China is still a developing country with a per capita income of just 12,000 dollars . Imagine the kind of behemoth itakua with a 20,000 usd per capita income .







China is now filing more patents than the US and graduates 5 million STEM students per year na US 500k .Ukienda graduate schools za US you’d think you are in a Chinese university .

In the end ,China will overtake America whether the colonialists like it or not

Wapi jamuhuri

  1. US didn’t colonize anyone

  2. Hizi moto baridi tuliona na Japan back in the 90s. China will run into the same population crisis they did alafu moto ipoe

So small it doesn’t even register in such maps