The Fall of a Man

We have heard of the fall of Adam, Samson, Samuel Wanjiru, Asbel Kiprop and other notable local and international figures who went from grace to grass at the hands of women.

Back in the day when I was younger, I used to work at a certain firm. I used to earn a decent salary going by the cost of living those days but Mike (my line manager, not his real name) used to earn almost twice my salary. He was the third person in command. What made him standout was his hardworking nature. In fact, he had risen to that within a span of three years, having started at the lowest rank (I was at this rank). His determination saw him become the first person to report to work on a daily basis not to mention the fact that he brought more business to firm than his two senior managers combined. When I was new in the firm, I remember Mike telling me, “@Mine_rva, usiwahi kubali mtu yeyote ajue unafanya nini ama ajue moves zako.” I never knew what that meant. One day he narrated to me how thieves brought down his business which was stocked with goods worth more than ksh. 800,000. The business was being operated with his wife and the events forced his wife to move back to their home county to work at the county offices.

Fast forward. Mike started behaving awkwardly. He would fail to report to work and whenever the senior most manager would call him he would pretend he was sick. One day we paid him a visit after work and the person we found didn’t look sickly though he tried to act like one. His ten-year old son (his only child) lived together with him and looked surprised as we talked about his dad’s sickness. On other occasions Mike would say that he had gone to his rural home for funeral. Other times he would say his brother had an accident. All these shenanigans went on for close to eight months without anyone getting suspicious. And he would disappear without telling anyone. It was up to the manager to call and enquire from him why he wasn’t at work. He would work for only two to three days in a week.

One day he dropped his resignation letter with immediate effect. However, none of us looked surprised for we thought that he had been working on his exit all along. Later on we would learn that this guy had been f.cking hoes and spending even a week in lodging with different women. Most of our friends were surprised that we didn’t know what was happening all that time. He was blowing his money with women and he even borrowed money from his friends to finance this expensive lifestyle. He couldn’t repay most of his debtors and this forced him to skip work so as to dodge them. At the time of his resignation, he had debts worth more than 1 million yet his gross salary was slightly below 100,000. Rumours had it that Mike’s wife was being chewed by the man who offered her the job at the county for he was her ex-boyfriend which forced him into a depression and thus all his weirdness. Another version had it that he had been bewitched. Anyway, for all I know, bitches ruined his life.

  1. Haspel Kiprop has not fallen.
  2. In the event that I am wrong, I assert that his “fall” was not brought about by a woman.
  3. Stop giving women too much credit. They don’t deserve it.

Sex is overrated na senye ni ile ile(raw meat). Tofauti tu, ni the pussy holder

we have had counties for only five years. So you are still young and the cost of living has not changed that much.

Ukweli kabisaaa.

I always change some things to remain anonymous. You never know who is reading

that guys career will never be the same. mark my words

true kabisa but ile akili ya chini wins in most cases


Kemboi sii alikuwa na scandal kwanza ya rape.

Almost similar to the story of a former colleague. Am not sure whether its women who should be held responsible for such or the men who feel cheated on.

I think this guy was just a victim of circumstances and the root cause of his downward spiral was that his business collapsed and this put him and the wife in a situation where she was forced to look for a job in the county. And now with them being apart it was probably much easier for the wife to stray since the sole breadwinner is not bringing home enough bread. Going by your description, this looked like the kind of guy who had put everything into the business and it was pulled from under him. And not only his business. And the business collapsing led to circumstances where his wife strayed.

Its very unfortunate how a financial disaster can compound and lead to other disasters in terms of your marriage and even your mental well being. I guess the saying Money Makes The World Go Round is ukweli kabisa.

happens so many times

nice insights

Asbel kiprop has been in the competition for far too long. He is now enjoying his retirement just like his fellow pensioners at coast

So sad that the young son would get caught up in all that mess. If people choose to ruin their lives they shouldn’t drag the innocent ones around them into their mess.