The Fall and Fall of Kenyan Media

Just days after the Nation reported about a fictitious fall-out between Uhuru and Ruto ( main evidence: Ruto didn’t attend the naming ceremony of nine ministers, what a ferking tragedy!) and then followed it with a non-story about the DP’s media guy, David Mugonyi ‘threatening’ the reporter who did the fake story (the ‘threat’ was a warning that Mugonyi would take up the issue with NMG management and the reporter could be sacked for reporting untruths,), The Standard has taken up the mantle.

Just read for yourself this shit.

It contains such gems such as:

[I][B]The push by the United States and Israeli governments for President Uhuru Kenyatta to form a government of national unity has met resistance.

"We are unaware of the push by the US and Israel for a government of national unity. The push by US and EU for Raila to stop the swearing-in plan is in the public domain and isn’t in good faith. None of the affiliates of NASA wants to be part of Jubilee, a monster we have denounced. We are for substantive changes to achieve fundamental electoral justice for the posterity of Kenyans,” Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi’s spokesman, Kibisu Kabatesi, said.

But Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju and Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja denied knowledge of the US-Israeli governments’ push to form a coalition government in the interest of the country. National dialogue

In separate interviews, the Jubilee leaders instead hit back at the Opposition, accusing it of trying to use threats of Raila’s swearing-in to coerce them into accepting national dialogue.

“This idea of swearing in Raila is being used to scare Jubilee and must come to an end. If Raila wants to swear himself in, he can go ahead. There is only one way to become president in Kenya and Uhuru is the legitimately elected president,” said Sakaja. Tuju dismissed calls for dialogue as ‘a waste of time’ when the country was supposed to be discussing development.[/B][/I]

“Did Donald Trump have dialogue with Hillary Clinton on the way forward for the United States after their elections? And is Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o having dialogue with Jack Ranguma on how to run Kisumu? That is my answer to the calls,” said Tuju. Sources in the National Super Alliance (NASA) told The Standard that although the US and Israel have been pushing for the formation of a government of national unity, there have been no talks between President Uhuru and Raila.
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Yaani in one story the poor, ill-educated journalist manages not only to contradict himself but also expose his foolishness by claiming Israel, of all nations, is pushing for a GNU yet both the Nasa and JP leaders are not aware of the alleged push.

And like the Nation stories, these unsubstantiated reports always rely on unnamed sources, who are probably barmates.

No wonder the circulation of the papers have stuck at around 140,000 copies daily (Nation) and just 50,000 (Standard).

These guys need to style up or just shut shop.


Githeri media, Magufuli knows how to deal with them

Mugonyi teaming with NMG to sack the said reporter is one stupid stand to pull. Before a story is published it passes through a series of editors. Unless everyone’s name in the company is written with the red ink itabaki tu ni upuuss


Guka, PSCU Director Dennis Itumbi said it clearly that the current crooked media editors and managers are very bitter lot. They thought they would be State House now as the new PSCU. They are also very broke since the brown envelopes ended when their darling opposition lost. They are creating fake stories from sources which is their infertile imaginations.

DP Uncle Ruto is advancing our politics to another level. He is acquiring another long foresight strategy like former President Moi. Its a gamble but he I’d so confident in his position within Jubilee Party and fully trusts President Uhuru. In 2013 they had a coalition agreement on how to share power which they never needed to revisit since they ran a united government and it worked well. This time when it come to picking a cabinet, I understand from what I’m told, DP Uncle Ruto surprised everyone. He offered his picks for consideration, explained where he feels needs to be keenly worked on and his positions as they stand. He however didn’t demand it be done but left it to President Uhuru to decide and he will accept them without any complains. He basically said his is just recommendations just like everyone else but he trusts President Uhuru and his new team to do what’s right by Jubilee government, party, Presidency and himself. Let’s just say DP Uncle Ruto standing keeps rising by action everytime. It was warmly welcomed and very mature of him. In the first list released his right hand man CS Charles Keter got the nob faster than most expected. You show loyalty, humility, respect and allegiance when none is required and you get rewarded.

Funny when most think their is a fallout most people inside are saying they are lucky to have him.

These un named sources type of stories are just hogwash, they should have quoted someone for the DP story

Hadi vile he had Jamii forum owners arrested because of the members’ opinion, you support that?

I bought a copy of the Sunday Nation and I regretted the lose of my 60bob. Afadhali ningenunua mkate niongezee kwa ile mandazi nilikula that morning.

We don’t support gagging the media.

Wewe na nani? Meffi!
Sema ‘i’

Mimi na wengine who love freedom of the press

Meria Matina umerudi na mioto sana kwani ulimaliza pesa na mambura ma thiguku

Na mimi. Kama generation yenu you were okay with gagging the media then hiyo ni yenu.

You think once they are done with the mainstream hawatakukujia na MMNN yako?

It’s better to let them destroy themselves.

By 30 th January, I guess the cabinet is going to be fully formed and Raila will still be sworn in imaginary

Ati uncle ruto, hehehehe…wakenya stop the azz kissin.

Why I Accuse the Press-Phillip Ochieng (1992)
Well @FieldMarshal CouchP the more things change, the more they remain the same. In 1992 Phillip Ochieng wrote about how far journalism was/is yet to go. And 26yrs later, half baked-dim witted-githeri ‘media’ are more concerned about non-issues.

People in the office dont understand why i have zero time for newspapers.

There is a lot of maturity and strategic politics DP Uncle Ruto is teaching people about future engagements in power.

He is freely giving President Uhuru a chance to shape his government without pressure yet by law and agreement he can demand it. Let President Uhuru excise his powers fully bila shida. When he is President he should expect same treatment as well.

It also set him apart completely from the rest. While kanu shove a coalition agreement to the President and demands two slots for people he isn’t comfortable with, while others demand it as a sign of accommodation and favour. The opposition is also demanding seats for themselves. Its a wise move.