The f**k that is Erectile dysfunction

Nakurudishia hiyo fanta ikujaze huo mcoosh wako mpana

Inakaa unapenda story ya eatner sana…ebu niokoke last week. You win!

Like i know anything loss

Ka huwa unawank kutumia porno achana

Obviously I don’t.

The diazepam is not for the girl. Its for OP. I suspect he suffers from performance anxiety. Diazepam will reduce his anxiety and his ED will be gone.

I gathered as much after going through the other replies, that’s why I edited. I still think diazepam is too drastic a measure for now though.

ati atume “silhouette” , last time i saw that word being used in a sentence ni kitambo sana.:D:D:D

Sometimes… .

Shida si yangu pekee, there is good number of men who suffer in silence you included…gay fucket ni ww… …

I was once there brathe and I did a research chanzo ya maisaibu yangu iku keg na makali…ibidii nizisare to preserve my manhood. Those day I used to kickstart machine kinduthi style lakini haikuwa ina waka. It was embarrassment

You need professional help to overcome anxiety or inadequacy issues …

However , can I suggest that you try this first …??


Mondia Whitei Roots .
( also known locally as Mukhobero or Mkombela )


Kula vizuri

Umemaliza holiday homework? Upusss

Eat raw ginger like in the morning and you will be good in evening. Add cinamon in your tea regular.


Either you wank too much so ukae ukijua kuwasha nduthi kila time si poa. Wachana na mambo ya arimis na ngwati

mwambie akupe mkia. ikisimama then you are a closet fag