The Evolution of Human Race

The world today has several human classifications that have been successfully used to maintain a class system in which the flow of wealth is kept in check. The most successful of these classifications has been Race.
India for instance has the caste system which has kept a large section of the society in menial jobs and without basic rights (The Dalits) Who constitute a significantly dark skin population. The light skins ones are the ones we see on TV as the face of India, when indeed, the other ones are the most numerous in population. Same type of class system exists in Brazil, South Africa and everywhere else there are multiple races / Tribes.

Australia(White & Aborigine)

Libya (Black & Arab)

But soon, things will change. For those who will come after us, several years. Race will not be a major factor. Only money. According to National Geographic, sometime in future, this is what the average American will look like. I doubt their 2050, maybe further forward. But there’ll come a time when saying “Am part Ugandan, Rwandan, Sudanese and a fraction Pakistani” will no longer be a thing (especially the self-loathers).

Mixture itaanza kuja hivi :

Black Chinese Mexican[/I]

Black Chinese
Black Japanese
Black + South Asian

Black + Native American

IN THE END, The average human will have something close to this after the mix-up. It may come earlier in other places like Brazil, USA, Central America than others.

Then all that will matter ni Uzito wa mfuko pekee.

Meanwhile, Spread the melanin brothas


mimi nilishaanza watoi tano ni half bukusu half kikuyu mmoja ni half bukusu half meru . DNA CONFIRMED napanga by the time wafike 30 nipitie kenya yote nianze na borana nikirudi hivi bungoma .

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Aguero anatupa penalty kiholela ngombe ya wenger…:D:D:D

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tuliponea hatuna qualifiers , then ile ngombe inasema ati hatuko prepared for the EPL

Baba yako hataki kutoa pesa;

What if we stay black and they stay white. They can go fuck themselves. We stay black. We dont want their albinism.
We dont have to be the same.


Huyo black+South Asian, anytime anywhere.

White + wanna-be Black

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Ni nini huyo mtu alikua anajipaka hadi anakaa hivo ?

soma hii

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