The evidence of God

If God exists then He can make anything to talk including house fly. It will only be illogical and stupid to believe a donkey can talk if there is no God. The issue of whether a donkey can talk is a more of a question/debate of God the creator powers. If God is indeed the creator of all living things (of which he is according to me) then He can make anything at any time to talk including even a rock but if He is not the creator of anything then nothing can talk but will just behave according to its random order. Simple as that!

But punda za skuizi haziongei…

Kwani the Biblical statement alleges that the donkeys always talk…it was clearly a instance of a miracle?. The Bible gives the reason why the donkey had to talk and it is because the person who the donkey talked to refused to heed all the signs God had given him until God had to use the donkey to make him listen. It was just a one time event no a normal thing. Donkeys don’t talk but God made the donkey talk so that a stubborn person could hear the message. In normal life it is like the way the govt issues lock down after people have been asked many times to social distance and take precautions and they refuse to hear.

Uuuhm,why could god not just make the guy believe in him,he’s almighty right,but naaaah throw in a talking donkey,it’s gonna be hilarious.

God does not control people like robot.God has given everyone free will. God cannot force or make someone do something. That is demonic way of operating and not God’s way of operating

Given you free will yet expects you to worship him,and if you don’t he gets to barbeque your butt…

Well played.

It is

It is in YOUR interest and in the interest of the universe that he ‘barbeques your butt’. By sinning, you have shown that you are not capable of self-government, the hallmark of a free moral agent. Your actions will not only harm you, but will also injure everyone else in the universe.