The escalating war in Ethiopia

Nobel peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed seems to be better at starting unwinnable wars rather than ending them.

The minority Tigrayans have scored two major blows against his genocidal army



In retaliation, the Airforce went ahead to target a market with an air strike


Tigrays have been leading Ethiopia for about 30 years. When an Oromo became a prime minister, they started causing problems. They think they are the only people destined for leadership in Ethiopia

Abiy is merely a puppet of the Amhara elite.

Even the Oromos don’t trust the fella.

Also Desalegn, his predecessor wasn’t a Tigrayan.

The C130 is a transport aircraft, shooting it down isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. The federal government will start shitting its pants if/when the rebels start shooting down actual fighter jets. Anyway, Tigrays watombwe kabisa. They only seem to enjoy Ethiopia when they’re lording it over everyone else.

The Ethiopian govt must maintain law and order in the whole country including tigray. All the rebels in the region must be routed out.

My years of playing Call of Duty have taught me that you only fly a C-130 on sorties at night.

COD 4 MW c130 gunship mission

Hizi skirmishes manze zimefanya my Ethiopian client a cancel order ya goods a day before pesa ya downpayment kutoka.

I counter that with COD MW 2 Exodus mission

Cliffhanger was the hardest in mw2. While all ghillied up was the hardest in cod4mw.

I really complained when he won that NOBEL prize. But who am i anyway? A mbirrionaire peasant from kangocho. My opinion does change shit.
Well the guys who thoughtlessly gave this murderer the coveted prize are now scratching their nuts in shame.

I think the enemy of my enemy was the hardest in mw2. One guy trying to get through a war between hundreds of soldiers from 2 different armies. And both want him dead.

The only big war i know of is the war between Rasta and the Pope, since Mussolini attacked His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie

Abiy is right deal with those foolish Tigrayans with an iron fist lest other groups like the OLF get ideas. Biden and his homos should keep off Ethiopias internal affairs

ive realised people here dont really understand whats happening in ethiopia…you support abiy without solid reasons…i read that when abiy took power , he started getting rid of other tribes… inakaa ukabila ya jareer vs oromo coz pale kwa magazeti , i read that eritrean soldiers were raping trigrayan girls and women while taunting them …saying , ‘tigrayans have no history and should be exterminated’…

mtu anaelewa hii vita , tell us what’s happening…naona tribal cleansing ikimalisa tigray very soon



Was that the battle of Adowa?

Can’t he be stripped of his title now that he is being indisciplined?

When TPLF were persecuting innocent citizens in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia for thirty years, the west didn’t care because they were the western darling in the horn.

What goes around does come around[ATTACH=full]371212[/ATTACH]

A consortium led by Safaricom bought an $850M telco license in Ethiopia. I have a feeling that the Ethiopians outsmarted them and they will lose a lot of money in that deal. Meanwhile, Ethiopian government officials probably stashed that money in tax havens and bought mansions in Europe just in case that mess at home gets worse. This might be the deal that breaks Safcom. Terms:
$850M for the license (not exclusive ie Ethiopia can decide to issue more licences to competitors)
$8 Billion pledge in investment over next 8 years. This is not pocket change.
The licence does not cover money transfer ie M-Pesa. They would have to bid for a separate licence which may not be availed for sale, or which might cost a fortune again in future.
Safaricom is leading the consortium. Such a big investment in such a risky deal could break safcom easily. The other partners in the consortium don’t care. It’s peanuts to them and they can easily cut losses and move on.


omera wapi wale umbwa wako wawili waliuma maskio ya mtu