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[SIZE=7]PS Draws New Digital ID Roadmap Replacing Huduma Namba After Pakistan Trip[/SIZE]
[li]by MAUREEN NJERI on Friday, 19 May 2023 -[/li][/ul]

The Immigration and Citizen Services Principal Secretary Julius Bitok on Friday, May 19, detailed his tour to Pakistan to gather more data on upcoming digital ID aimed at replacing Huduma Namba.

The PS noted that Kenya will borrow heavily from Pakistan in its planned introduction of the digital Identity Card and the integration of the existing databases on registration records.

According to the PS, Pakistan had an innovative model for linking registration data to national security and social-economic planning that offer useful lessons in the collection, storage, and use of records on birth and death.

Immigration and Citizen Services PS Julius Bitok and the Pakistan Interior Secretary Syed Ali Murtaza in Islamabad. Looking in Kenya’s High Commissioner to Pakistan Nyambura Kamau on Friday, May 19, 2023

Bitok explained that Kenya was looking to merge various databases into a master register for better control and management of important information to support wider national security interests.

Furthermore, the Immigration PS detailed that in the new system, Kenya sought an advanced registration system that will make it difficult to forge identity documents while also cleaning up and consolidating existing databases into a master register.

Also, the government hopes to accelerate online access to its services through the eCitizen platform currently undergoing a revamp.

To minimize crime driven by identity theft and fraudulent access and use of private data, Bitok disclosed that government will partner with public and private institutions that are reliant on data for business operations.

It will provide reliable information under the Know Your Client (KYC) policy.

The PS who was accompanied by Kenya High Commissioner to Pakistan Nyambura Kamau also visited the National Database and Registration (NADRA) in Islamabad which is responsible for the registration of births and other identity documents.

NADRA relies on its data to offer the Family Registration Certificate that confirms relationships linked by birth, marriage, and adoption.

Bitok revealed that the online passport application process run by the Directorate of Immigration in Kenya is sourced from the semi-autonomous agency under Pakistan’s Interior Ministry.

He lauded Pakistan’s registration system and offered lessons on the nexus between credible registration data and the pragmatic rollout of the social-economic agenda.

Kenya is expected to host a continental gathering, the annual ID4 Africa, on ideal identity and documentation systems.

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