The Endless Haiti Saga

Even the Western Donors are now having second thoughts about this epic misadventure …

But Nabii Zakayo Vasco Danganya and his Holy Spouse have other ideas …


Stay tuned for more thrilling instalments ad developments:rofl: :joy:


Hapo sawa we wish the D materials good luck , zikufie huko but zakayo should preserve alot of them tukimtoa statehouse pale 2027 tuweke uncle kalonzoooo

The best news will be to hear that kenya police have been deployed to haiti and have been barbecued!


Hapa D- wako deployed watarudi birrionaires. They have one job only. Keep yourself alive

This family will finish this country. Hustlers will regret electing this dumb fuck.

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Hata majimaji rebellion waliambiwa na kijekitele wakioga na maji yake watakuwa bullet proof. They saw bad things.


They will gladly reward him with a second term

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Will we get to see the list of names of the cops selected to go and die in Haiti ?

Are kenyan cops running around trying to get on that list ?

What will a cops family get when he/she returns in a bodybag ?