The Ending Of The Dynasty

For the past 2 weeks in State House the staff have never seen the rage that has befallen them. The miscalculation and seething anger of the president has had the man ready to give up leave and go to his farm.

The country is in a crisis let me tell you why. In 2013 6 months into the presidency Uhuru went ahead and shutdown the oil refinery in Mombasa. The spin story was that it was expensive to renovate yet it was calculated for a small fee of 15 Bn Kshs the refinery could be made bigger and more storage tanks can be built to not only increase of strategic reserves but allow us to even refine greater quality of oil. 9 years later the Kenyans standing in lines with jerrycans waiting for fuel is the culmination of that event. We sold our oil industry to foreigners who have corporate headquarters in France and Dubai. And now we are paying for it in high gas prices.

Now we know that sanctions are the cause for this rise in price and artificial shortages because of Russia’s special operation.

Raila entered the bed with Uhuru and now his hubris will be rewarded. He’s not going to be voted even those hardcore sycophants will be feeling the pain. Bottom up is the way to truly steer this nation from its current trajectory of high failure. If we can rebuild and improve and make the rural areas prosperous then it’ll be continued wealth in the nation. In this country farmers should be richer than politicians.

Okay back to the story. The president has been calling his friends huko abroad and he’s been left talking to junior officers. This is the price of freedom.

Watu watarishe tu ende na miguu yetu. Or tupande bisekeli

wisdom detected.

Uhurru should have twek makended with the people.

Shortsightedness is the word for Uhuru govt, they do everything depending on how much kickbacks they can get right away. Every decision is based on ‘what is in it for me’. And this includes ruto and raila way of doing things as well.

JSKS supporter @MortyTuumbo you dont have to hide behind the current crisis to declare your support for Arror. The two UK and JSKS are two sides of the same coin. When the decision to shut down the refinery was made the two were still in bromance :slight_smile:

The point of the matter

Raila the fifth.

Ruto is on record claiming he was the brains behind the uhuruto government,his ‘valuable’ input on matters oil can be witnessed now around petrol stations across the country.

Ruto will not win on August 9th.having no power,his party will shrink just like others before,with gedion habouring ambitions of ascending to the throne,ruto will be disadvantaged as he will be confined to battling out moi to create a home base… …till he gives up.

In summary,rutos graph peaked,it can only now keep going down.

UK seems to have disengaged from governance. His people know this and are now kicking the can down the road.
That’s why we see stuff like deporting an oil major CEO as a solution to the fuel crisis(hapless PR stunt) and NCPB telling farmers that they’ll only get max 5 bags of subsidized fertilizer because CS Munya hasn’t put his verbal edict, to sell max 20 bags, in writing.
We’re on our own

The refinery in Mombasa is obselete.

How is it obsolete. Expound for us the knowledge.

First of all it was a huge mistake to allow Rubis to control our oil industry. No sane country would allow foreigners to control its energy.

Some truth there, he replaced the old refinary with his own storage tanks and twisted Kamau to have them as the national storage.they are messing him since with a monopoly they wount also eat

Do we even have reserves?

14 days about.

We should be slowly expanding our reserves by adding more storage tanks in Eldoret, Kisumu, Isiolo, and Lamu which would give over 300-500 days of fuel reserves

You talking as if wewe ni Kijana ya Moi talking to kijana ya Kenyatta…
Who is we? Dynasty ama¿?

You’re always so dismissive. Kwani who made you the prefect of policing people’s opinions?

The chest thumping that Kikuyus did in those early UhuRuto years calling yourselves “Jews” na kadhalika. Muthamaki has been exposed badly. PR can never replace good governance. And as predicted it’s all going to shit. Thank you @spear

Takataka. ‘We’ is us high IQ Kenyans who think of solutions not you low IQ bonobos running on Congo jungle 1.0

Angalia hii umbwa ingine haha.


Kihika’s family members had lodged a complaint accusing her of being unfair and unjust.

The Ksh600 million property is under the administration of four widows, Margaret Wambui, the first widow, and her co-wives Alice Mukuhi, Mary Wangari, and Miriam Warau.

The former MP also owned over 1,000 acres of land in Njoro, Nakuru. Among the coveted properties is a 50-acre parcel of land in Engashura, Bahati.

Others include vast lands in Rumuruti, Laikipia County estimated to be about 1,000 acres. There are three plots in Naivasha and one in Nairobi valued at over Ksh100 million.