The end times are here. No media house is reporting

bro someone posted this and said they heard trumpets early in the morning, i’d start crying and think it was the day of judgement FAM this is so scary omg

— H E N N Y (@hennaahmedx) October 6, 2019

And you believed the shait?

load of crap

The world has been ending for the past two thousand years.

Conspiracy theorists

God will not blow a trumpet, he will send you a mail, tweet, FB post or livestream on the judgment day.
Technology bwana.

Kua mpole CNN got you covered

that tweet has a distinct smell that reminds me of something,oh yeah,smells like some ol’ bullshiet and white nonsense

So a judgement day trumpet will leave an idiot time to use phone/record video?..and some people will be around to see it happening?

Sasa imagine @anon1600 is a functioning adult and probably has kids. Wah! Kenya tuko na shida sana kama tuko na akili kama hizi roaming among us

Do not be deceived, spiritual matters are not to be recorded with a phone. If today any of us heard from God he/she would know and tremble even atheist. For spiritual things are discerned by heart not body. Those who have been spoken to by God can’t tell you how he talks or his accent, but deep down they know it is his voice without doubt

It’s a tik tok thing…

Yani hata siku ya mwisho ananza na US…kweli mwafrica kunani???..hata judgment tutakua wa mwisho?

The world ends every single day for the people who die, no amount of Bible thumping will make us die as one.

You are born alone, and you die alone

Life is a matter of distraction from that ugly truth

Dude,how old are you?

It is banter beyond bonobos.

These matters are complicated. I used to be a propagandist at one time thinking I know it all. These days I just take keg and whiskey and I lie low.

But the heart is embodied… is a body part.

The world is apparently not contingent on our existence here. No amount of bible thumping will make us die as one doubtless but a catastrophe like an extinction level event can… More tragic still there is a possibility that by our own hand we could self destruct in a M.A.D. sort of scenario through a nuclear holocaust or some such totally annihilating ecological disaster. Btw humans are never really born alone… Whatever ‘alone’ may imply we are necessarily creatures of social life… and it is always tragic when a person dies estranged or in such solitude that there is no body to recover… or appropriate burial ceremony to conduct.

I respectfully disagree with your summation, in as much as we are social.

The act of life leaving the body happens while you are on your own.

Everything we do is to forget this cruel fact, the pursuit of hedonism included.