The Kikuyu nation gave Ruto three tests which he failed and nailed his own coffin. One was being given an opportunity to oversee Jubilee Party nominations. When he proceeded to uproot their strong sons and daughters and replace them with novices in Central Kenya he became a marked man. The second one was being given a chance to nominate 50% of the cabinet. When he proceeded to nominate only his people while Uhuru shared with other Kenyans , his leadership value system came under scrutiny. The third , which he swallowed hook, line and sinker was when he took a confrontational mien against the handshake and rubbished referendum talks even before he had taken time to understand the content. To him, Raila had come to snatch that which was his for the taking and he was not going to sit back and see it go. He seems to have abandoned his boss to struggle with BIG FOUR as he himself goes into high gear campaign. The worst mistake was using his leutinants to apply pressure on Uhuru and Central Kenya to state their position on 2022.

When he sensed that he might not get the Central Kenya vote , he made forays into Westerñ, looking for every excuse to attend anything that looked like a gathering . Even the cultural bullfighting has not been spared.

When he sensed Musalia and Western leaders are building a formidable force and working closely with Gideon in Rift Valley and Central Kenya , Coast and Nyanza , he then begun throwing jibes at Musalia through proxies , jibes that have not washed.
According to Mr. Nickson Sakwa Mathare Constituency M.P 2022. DP Ruto has dimmed his own star and should start rethinking his role in Kenya’s politics in the days ahead. It is difficult to initiate such battlefronts and win. He should listen keenly to what Prof Manyora has told him. Ruto must fail.

I repeat. There is nothing extraordinary which William Ruto can do that Raila Odinga has never done in his bid to be the next president of Kenya.

If the system is not comfortable with you, they won’t allow to become the president of the republic.


Mbona wasi wasi basi? Madvd hakuna mahali anaenda hata awe na backing ya Gideon/Uhuru. The only way Madvd can become no 2 in the elections is if Raila and Kalonzo back him. If Raila runs, no. 1 will be Ruto, No 2. Raila and No.3 Madvd.

And this is what people are failing to understand…presidents in the type of democracy we have in Kenya are not chosen by the electorate but by a ‘board’… these boards are sat in by the richest guys in our society. Ruto lacks Moi’s demeanor…’he who pretends to be weak is always the strongest person’… Kenya has not been led by an agggressive leader from Jommo to Uhuru…they have all been moderates.

yes, the captains of industry know that Ruto’s presidency will be a disaster to this economy

@Liberty please remind me the book and chapter where I can read the story of moledekai and Haman, since the story is about to repeat itself.

Someone pass me some smokes.

Anyone telling us that Ruto will not be president should tell us who will.
As it stands, and will for the foreseeable future, Ruto is 99.99% in State House.
No amount of denial and wishful thinking can change that.

He has no competitor. period.

Even Mboya had no competitor and he was sharper and better at administration than Ruto…he may become or not…nothing is cast on stone.

Don’t just open your mouth to hear yourself speak.
How can you compare Kenya in 1969 and in 2019. In what possible path was Mboya going to ascend to the presidency?
He was not VP and Kenyatta was alive and kicking.

i wonder who those captains are, as far as i know we are all alone there is no-one who cares for the economy, its everyone for him/herself

Seems you roasted your brains together with your maize.

You are ignorant of this country’s history specifically from 1950 to 1963 and to make matters worse you think what is happening now in the political arena is a new phenomenon. Go read.
Please note I said he might or might not become President. To add on Jaramogi was closer to Kenyatta than Ruto is to Uhuru…

This is the first time the VP is the front runner (by far) to replace his boss in an election in Kenya.
That’s all you need to know.

Wewe choma mahindi Ruto ataziuza

Raila relied on stone throwing goons to have his say, which always was defeated by a few GSUs. With WSR its different.

In waiting for this prophesy

you guys are busy telling us the chicken farmer won’t be prezda, Sasa pia mtuambie nani ata kua 5th kiongozi so that we also give you a few disparaging remarks.