The Emperor drunk with Power

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Gado should be careful lest he gets deported to Canada

@Grunny uliwacha bhangi ?

Canada gani? Huyu kazi yake ni rahisi juu ni kumdeport hapa tu next door kwa ndugu zetu wapendwa, where I’m sure Magufudhi will be waiting gleefully to receive him.

New prof pic…

He he he, zero chills. Naked and drunk. A cartoon is worth a thousand words.

Not so long ago Gado got himself and NMG in BIG TROUBLE in TZ after depicting JK in much the same way he has now done with UK…Will he survive this one? We’ll wait and see…:confused:
…But one thing that slays it for me in that cartoon is that UK’s sleeping, drunken face…kwanza those eyes…they are so on point man! :eek::eek:…:D:D:D

Huyu hawezi pata priviledge ya kwenda Canada, atalockiwa ndani ya container ya mizigo, iloadiwe kwa truck ya transit goods, na dere apewe unequivocal instructions, “Strictly dumb in Goma!”:smiley:

Epic :D:D:D

:D:D:Dthe king is drunk with power, naye arap Singh anabugia mifedha kweli kweli

arap Singh anaweka pesa hadi kwa socks :D:D