The earth is flat

Explain this.


@The.Black.Templar hebu njoo

Whoever still believes you @Notapeoplesguy is right

Maybe this is the reason you’re on day 7 without sex

You are home, go drunk

nope if it’s fcurved why are drunkurds Always walking like wako kwa mteremko?

The Earth is flat people are getting louder. They cannot explain why it is sunny at 1pm in Trumpland and exactly the same time it is 9pm and dark in Kenyattaville

What radius are you working with?

Stop getting logical. You’ll get a migrant headache here for nothing.

He he he!

he’s just trolling the flatters



that made my evening:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

The flat earth movement is getting bigger and braver ROUND the GLOBE

:D:D:DGo back to mathematics and not like this


:D:D:D Check your feet, old time people didn’t have shoes.

@Notapeoplesguy hebu nirushie namba ya demu mmoja wariah…

Your girlfriend’s ass is flat too