The dumbing down of Kenyan T.V. adverts and newspapers

Most Kenyan T.V. ads lack humour and sound preachy. There’s no subtlety, no hints, no mystique. If they’re lucky to employ humour it’s a childish sort of humour. Anyone remember the toothpaste ad “for people who bleed when they brush.” ?

Could it be that we can’t express ourselves in the subtleties of a foreign language? Or perhaps the advertisers look down on Kenyans thinking the ordinary Citizen won’t grasp any humour.

Kenyan Newspapers written in English on the other hand only use the dreariest language. The writers take few liberties with style and their approach seems dumbed down

Check this one out…from SA

Most big ads are for fast moving consumer goods and that’s not a market unataka kubahatisha na ‘sense of humor’ juu client anataka SALES, period. Tunaambiwagwa creativity tupelekee nyanya zetu.

Advertising, like movies, depends on the budget. Insurance commercial za mayuu huwa zina nijazi.

There have been a few interesting ads like the condom and also the Kencell ads, but most are just not memorable: