The Don Juan just go home from a hot date

After a 4 hour lengthy hearty conversation full of laughs, giggles and casual petting. The player go some kissing and confirmation of a Dry Fry session tommorow remember kids let her do most of the talking and keep things simple stupid for you to achieve complicity.

hukuwa unasuuta suuta?

Niaje gashmende

you have still not yet dry fried. baba yake anaweza gonjeka leo usiku

poa msootaji. Bado unasuuta kusuuta?

@Mtombi Hodari tunajua handwriting yako


I can’t listen to a woman for 4 fucking hours. [ATTACH=full]235903[/ATTACH]

Why are you gay?

4 hour’s with a woman and no ktalk threshold was achieved,hii Ni tabia ya akina Nani? @digi

Inaitwa the long con aka psychological manipulation. Once you achieve the woman becomes your slave.

You are gheh

Rule no 1 in sales; they walk out of the room and they will probably go with the alternative. Someone is probably dryfrying right now so enjoy sloppy seconds.

She’s coming over at 2 pm. She leaves with her parents so she couldn’t spend the night at my crib.