The Doctors Wage Bill Debate

The stupidity of your Shareholder Bottom Up Wheelbarrow Hustler Conmen and their advicer Cronies is just amazing

The Wage Bill Debate:

Cabinet has approved a drastic reduction in the payment of Intern doctors to KES: 70,000/= monthly down from KES: 200,000/=.

A CAS shall be eligible to a car loan of up to KES: 8 Million and a Home Mortgage facility not exceeding KES: 35 Million …!!
Ridiculous … !!!

“…Let’s live within our means”…, they said …

They would rather reward Political Cronies with Millions every year in salaries than pay Doctors who serve the ordinary Wananchi


It is a shame …
Is a CAS more valuable to Kenyans than a fully qualified Doctor …??

Once in office they will loot billions more every month through dubious deals.

This is what happens when you elect Dealers instead of Leaders

Why you elected these criminals , I really don’t know

Shenzi Kabisa …
All of You …!! :rage::rage::fire::fire:

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Wacha kiwarambe…they will still elect the same thieves uf elections were held today…70% of doctors would vote nabii

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Where do you get those statistics from …??

It was Boda Bodas , Mama Mbogas , Cronies , Mistress , Ethnic Chauvanists and the Moron Juvenile population in here that got up at 04:00 AM in 2022 to empower those Thieves …:rage::rage:

Ngombe Kabisa:rage::rage::fire::fire:


Na sijawai sikia Governors, Mpigs, na MCAs wakienda strike ati mshahara imechelewa. Other day was listening to Ann Waiguru akisema ati Doctors are inhumane and shiet. I was like…Bitch pay up to doctors demands and dctrs go back to work. Yeye hajui how it feel to have mshande held up. Stupid leaders

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Wacha kiwarambe. Msaitan kama @ChifuMbitika couldn’t listen to us tukizema Jambass will be bad news.

Arror hana pesa ya madaktari, na pia hana pesa ya Lube. mtalijua jiji.