The Disrespect: Imagine ile Nguruch imepeleka Bibi ya Prince Oga on holiday in Kenya

  • prince is just sitted at his London home then receives a call from Kenya…its his nephew calling him*

PRINCE OGA: hello who be that

BABAYARO: uncle it’s me yr nephew
Son of chief Okonkwo. Calling from Kenya, Roysambu.

PRINCE: what do u want this time? Did I not send u some British pounds last week

B: Uncle it’s not about money

P.O: then what is it my nephew. I hear u boyz are doing a good job in Kenya by sexing those loose Kenyan ladies in Roysambu abbi? Hahaha…hahaha

B: uncle where is yr wife Waitherero

P.O: aaaah she went on a business trip to Italy to buy shoes for sell.
Why asking

B: uncle she lied to u. I see her with a fat belly man right now here in Kenya

P.O : Abeg what do mean? My lovely wife is in Italy

B: Baba open na whatsapp I send u photo oh

P.O: okay I have opened. Send picture now

B: Onko see picture

PRINCE OGA: chei that be my wife Waitherero. Wait I know that pig. Once caught him in bed with my wife Waitherero. I forget the name…but something like Kushy U mnono.

BABAYARO; uncle they’re dancing explicitly abeg…he touch your pikin like it is his own .

PRINCE; Mayooo. Oga my nephew, I once even pinched him kales to teach him a lesson.

B: Wait, uncle are u gay?

PO: respect your elders…am not gay. I just wanted to teach him a lesson.

B: uncle u are gay

*** cuts off phone ***

Later on
Let me book a flight to Kenya… what kind of disrespect is this? Abeg oooh.

Watch out for Part 2; Prince Oga in Nairobi

maliza iyo ghaseer…


Your obsession is getting out of hand see a therapist

nlikuambia aje…sitaki kuona tena wapi? ghasia

what nonsense


Maliza hio nguruwe kush mnyonya mboro ya Abdul


But naweza Cheka sana m Nigeria akiji introduce at I am Amokachi or Babayaro

Osha tunyanye polepole


:D:D:D Babayaro ni @Okwonkwo

Nice one


Ghasia funda konokono!

Maliza hiyo ghasia.Part 2 uhakikishe imefanya alie baada ya kuchunishwa sukuma