The Disorganization in Azimio

How would RAO lead the country when his running of the campaigns was so wanting?

The people who were lauded as the cure to our endemic corruption want to take power by corruption.

If a man can’t run an organised campaign, he can’t run a country.

Look at the monies intended for agents, somebody ate a chunk of that…

Look at agent placement, great miscalculations there…

Not the kind of team you want running the country.

Tulia. It’s a saturday mrng for christs sake.

Go jogging, repair that broken couch, inspect your tv aieriel, etc.

A beautiful weekend if you put your mind away from politics

You are right Mdau.
They say hindsight is a 20-20 vision.
I can now see very clearly.

This was actually an epiphany received as I was jogging:)

Hata Mimi Niko na unfinished business na hiyo mzae . Nilikua agent wake 2013 we slept on those rough school benches tukimchungia Kura only for him not to even acknowledge our help let alone paying us. Jaruo silly anyoroshwe kabisa

Raila ni jinga. Was given presidency on a plata and lost kama burukenge. Ngombe ici

Hiyo imeuma the Azimionites kweli


Uhuru helped Ruto a lot, for instance assigning Matiang’i his duties gave Ruto time to roam all over the country and strategize on his campaign. Huge miscalculation there. Uhuru should have kept him busy and invisible to the public.

Either way a mlevi can’t outwit a teetotaler

They claimed they had the deep state but went ahead to lose. What a bunch of Useless idiots!

Kabisaaaa…ruto na uhuru pekee ndio wanajua…wanaweza kuwa wanacheka huyo mzae pamoja chini ya maji sijui ni it didnt hit raila ama raila was hoodwinked with false promises.

Man’s about 35 years past his prime and in his prime his skills were best suited for running a bus stage gang.