The difference between a first world and third world is not governing structures or level of industrialization

It’s mentality. Specifically, level of organization.

In the Italian Renaissance period 600 years ago, they had records all births and deaths by the day. Their streets were mapped on paper. Records of all citizens residences, occupations and incomes. They had food storage facilities equipped to survive the worst of times, for all. They had clean water supplies. They had organized sports where even the King could watch and athletes were professionals. Playing in elaborate coliseums, not waterlogged fields with craters, ant holes and mole hills

In this day, 70 years past independence , in the digitization , apps, blockchain, AI era, we still have dead people on voter registration. Your government has no idea where you live, or if you are even alive. You die ata hakuna post Mortem, a practice that was performed with frequency in Middle Ages. Here your death will be left to speculation, people see marks and conclude you were murdered, forgetting you were dragged on the ground.

That is, most of what we commonly refer to as first world nations , were first world from their inceptions 18th and 19 centuries. They were organized. They didn’t need time to develop.

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