The devolution ministry

At precisely the point that dildos and condom dispenser s hit the screens on woes haunting cs Waiguru, i took a step back, yawned for a minute or five, scratched my backside , called my inlaws and shortly thereafter, i sat on the hood of the pujo and gave this whole ‘shit is about to hit the fan scenario’ another careful look. Then it hit me. Hit me slowry like a double fisted slap in a nightmare. WE ARE BEING FISTED.
The realisation biblical in its intensity and magnitude. There is no way in hell or wherever else that a Cs could knowingly and in full custody of her faculties would append her approval for her ministry to purchase Dildos. NEVER EVER. Not even on promise of 72 virgins. Not even under an American colt cocked to her head. Never.
What would be her motivation to buy dildos using public funds i asked the Pujos hood. We are talking of A Cabinet secretary people. Not a run of the mill, hatched in the night, chokosh reloaded daderhead. No. A real Cs who knows that she is being watched by every sane kenyan.

Then i asked myself why would anyone accuse her of buying dildos. My mind went north. Real north. I thought of Sadam husein. They said he had WMD stack a mile high. They accused him and convinced the masses that truely Sadam was a murderous pig fit for hanging. Then when the masses believed the accusations, they got the moral authority to hang him by the neck on a freaking chilly dawn.

I slid down the pujo and thought of Gaddafi. They wanted his neck so they accused him of shooting down planes and for living in tents. It was of no use giving your people bread and housing if you lived in a tent. He was evil they said. When the masses believed, they came in and beat bludgeoned him to death in the desert.
I thought of the many propagadas that have been used to evil a saint. They start slowly, consistenly pile the stories till the people implode into action. Today, Irag is a death valley, libya ceassed to be a nation, and, the propagadists thinned out like morning dew.
In politics, nothing happens by mistake. Nothing. And if it happens by mistake, that mistake was planned.
We are not being told the whole truth here. Waiguru may not be innocent, but she did not order purchase of dildos, 8k ballpens, condom dispeners or any other dubious crap that is being shovelled down our collective throats. She didn’t. Someone wants kenyans to get so angry as to rebel against the gok and catylst a people driven revolt. Waiguru is just a cleverly thought Chess move. The voultures who are waiting to come down on a burning kenya are just at the edge of darkness. If we give them a chance by believing this lies, they will ascend to the hill…The ballot failed, the future ballot is a sure fail,. They want power. My fellow kenyans, be very careful how you react to all these accusations frying around. Thirst for power is real.


Well written article sir but remember Ngilu was asked to step aside on “lesser” accusations.

Thanks bro. I agree. But look at the whole picture. Go back in history and recall the intensity of accusations just before kenya almost burned. That same intesity of accusations is at play today.

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What the media conveniently fails to say is that the toys were aids for sex education in an anti-HIV/AIDS programme. They always go for the sensational. Hizo vitu zingine unless she ordered them personally, hamna wasiwasi…the person who procured them and the accounting officer will have to explain why. Waiguru is the flavour of the day, you don’t expect the media to run with a nondescript story like “Kenyatalk served with DCMA notice”


A nice read though I dont agree with you towards the end of your hekaya where you place the blame squarely on the opposition and by extension CORD. Keep in mind that inside the ruling coalition Jubilee there is some disagreement with a group demanding for Waiguru to step aside.

As much as I was once pro Uhunye things are not going in the right direction at the moment especially for us the common mwananchi.

reminds me of 2013, after getting primed for weeks about beastiality in central, the apex of the crescendo was achieved when a donkey was found dead somewhere in central, and beside it were four used condoms. The story that was reported was 4 kikuyu men raped the donkey to death.
Point is, there is truth in whats being reported, but you can smell spin miles away by the way it has been packaged. e.g Alai today is claiming her daughter owns an aston martin

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thanks bro. it’s 2005 all over again.

they screamed that gok wanted to buy a bar soap for 3750/=…they printed the clarification with a slant on page 5
they told us about sanitary pads, pianos and cinema size 3D tvs…
they think we are fools


Bro, i didn’t name anyone so please dont insinuate that i mentioned Cord. But on the whole, look at it this way. All international and global parameters on Economy and growth are showing a very healthy kenya. Yet, we are being made to believe that kenya is rock solid in the dog house. The interest rates that everyone is screaming about is within expected levels. Inflation is well within control. The dollar is behaving as it should given the economies of Us and china. Everything on paper is green. But on the airwaves and press conference., we are worse than five Greece at war. First, bombs were exploding everywhere. They screamed like rabbits.The duo took charge. Then National dialogue and Okoa crap came and heightened our bp. They made enough noise to rival tectonic movement. The duo called their bluff. They talked of referendums…kenyans refused to bite…they…so now Waiguru has been separated from the heard. They are coming believe me. And they wont throw any punches. Kenyans will


Of course the CS is not buying dildos but PLO said something that we should consider - how come when it’s something positive the CS very willing to take credit but kama ni maovu hajui. The day we will stop making excuses for such glaring incompetence is the day Kenya will make a turn for the better.


M4 she may be guilty or innocent that is up for debate but the point is why her ministry? Why is the prezo quite? That’s why Kenyans are angry why can’t she step aside for investigation…history will show that in Kenya people have stepped aside for less…


And also another point to note just yesterday a whole prime minister resigned after 30 people died in the night club of course the prime minister was neither the proprietor of the establishment nor the dj but he resigned…Africans mbona tunapenda kukwamilia leadership positions?


so if she is not buying dildos she resigns because we have been told she bought dildos?

Am watching news and I.M.F just gave our economy a vote of confidence,compared to our east African neighbours we are doing way better.

The only caution they gave is that we should tame our expenditure.having seen this I can’t help to but think something is at stand on waiguru is that she shld be fired pronto.

My fellow Talkers, lets reason. If all it takes to fire a Cs , or anyone for that matter, is the incompetence of our subodinates, then what would prevent the enemies or adversaries hiring moles to mess up and achieve the goal. If today my salesman pockets payments of an invoice, do i fire the sales manager. What exactly is it that we want to say here.

But EACC in their reports have said the fiscal management in the Devolution Ministry and its Ageniciea such as NYS is shoddy, they found junior officers who were authorized to approve payments of more than kshs. 500,000, prices of items procured were grossly inflated, the truth is Corruption seems to have pitched tent in her ministry, why didn’t she put measures in place to prevent this?

There is exaggeration to but it is a fact that we have lost at the very least kshs. 791,000,000 in her ministry, the honorable thing to do is resign, how many Cancer machines could that sum alone buy us?? That’s 79 kilometers of road right there. Aende tu roho safi.

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Whether she’s clean or not the fact is she’s now a weaker link in Jubilee. It’s better she just step aside then if found clean atarudi tu

She will be fired shortly, or told to step aside, or she will resign. Thats given. Then we shall be told of another Cs, most probably from Tna. The game plan is diverse. If the third whatever doesnt yield before the ballots, kenya will be strung so tight that a well mouthed ‘kula yangu imeibiwa’ will all it will take for Armageddon . Think about it

Mabs, a week or so ago I too had given up on Uhuruto.

But somethings are no longer adding up.

Like Eng. Mangiti giving a fraudulent document to a Parliamentary committee “by mistake”.

Like the IMF and the WB saying Kenya is on track - while ALL the local experts on TV are saying we are ferked.

Like the media conveniently forgetting to point out that procurement is a function of the PS, not the CS.

Like the almost cover-to-cover coverage at Sweetie ministry, like there’s nothing else to report.

And remember that the lady has won more awards, international and local, THAN ALL THE OTHER MINISTRIES COMBINED.

Kuna kitu.


The Sales Manager must prove he did everything possible to prevent the salesman from ripping you off, atleast then you can appreciate your salesman worked hard to rip you off. But this case of Waiguru yawa, guys simply added zeros to sums payable, zingine they paid inflated prices in complete disregard of PPOA approved prices, isn’t that incompetence on the part of the manager?


My exact sentiments. Iko kitu hapa. The budget controler says pwagu in the moening, in the evening she says pwaguzi. Iko kitu