The definition of stupidity

What kinda stupid poll is this maafaka posting here? I know this forum mostly accommodates stupid shit but there’s gotta be a line. The line has been crossed by @cortedivoire who has decided to shave old people’s anal hair and for what? Does he want to anally abuse our senior citizens? Does he want to give them some rimming jobs? Or he’s just plain fucking weird and his fantasies are made of shit, literally?

Meanwhile as men we are fucking from our own age groups and below (over 18) but we must respect the elderly and keep away from their assholes.[ATTACH=full]158482[/ATTACH]

Vaite murume tunatazama Champions league na wewe ni kelele kama wamama wa guild…kojoa ulale…mbafff!!

@cortedivoire ni fala… Just like you

Huyu jamaa na Georgina ni kitu kimoja

Ooh yes!

mi nawekaga yes kwa kila poll.Nigga is just hillarious.Ile ya tyre zinaungua kwa room ka unanyandua hunimaliza:D:D:D:D:D i’m yet to try it tho