The Deadliest Organized Social Media Propaganda in History!

So Elon decided to do a poll on his Twitter page about Donbas and Donetsk people referendum.


As you can see, the views and not very divergent. It currently sits at YES - 58% , NO - 42%. Its not that far apart Most people supported the Donetsk and Donbas referendum. Western propaganda media reacted as expected. They immediately unleashed a series of hit pieces!


Elon was forced to do a second poll. Why? Let’s skip this part question now. Western propaganda agents unleashed the fiercest propaganda botnetwork. [MEDIA=twitter]1576969255031296000[/MEDIA]

Elon Mask pia nikutupima to hii Dunia. Me never trust him

Ni kama Jack, CEO wa Twitter. Alikuwa anajifanya innocent then akaaza kuskuma propaganda ya CIA all of a sudden.

NAFO iko kazi na millions of sock puppets

ni kama ukifika mahali, unaonyeshwangwa kichwa ya JFK unaambiwa huyu alikuwa president. sasa wewe ni nani?

Mimi nyeuthi kutoka vumbistan nimeenda kupiga kura huko

What the western press will never tell you is there were talks by Putin and Zelenskyy and the were close to an understanding until the West as usual interfered this time their errand boy was Boris Johnson , scuttled the plan with warnings to Zelenskyy on any cooperation with Putin.

Remember this day folks. We’re seconds, minutes, maybe just a few days away from a nuclear apocalypse. REPENT!
The world has NEVER been at a major crossroads like now. The media is downplaying the seriousness of a nuclear exchange but you can bet on it, Putin will throw nukes and the US will retaliate. That’s where we’re headed 100%!! This is much worse than the Cuban missile crisis 60 years ago.
And forget the MAD doctrine, it never made sense anyway.

Ndio rroho. Riswa!


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D during the time of Noah when he warned them fuckers were laughing until the floods come , was this a prophecy?

The two aggrieved parties I.e Russia and Ukrainian did not participate in the polling. The questions are in English!!!