The DCI saga continues


Nabii should tread carefully. Hawa officer will sabotage everything. Tuone kama DPP atakuwa akifanya investigation and arrest criminals.

Chikuyu used and dumped.Mkikuyu wa siku hizi ni mjinga sana.Hawa waliambiwa waende wakamalize raia na mkubwa,ata hawakuuliza swali juu ilikuwa order.
Juzi wameambiwa wa punish Uhuru and did so to the last man.
Kile wataambiwa soon watakubali tu

Wamwage mtama tujue story yote

How were they supposed to fix said bosses ?

More of a cleansing process

I guess you become state witness

acha ndoto za mchana buana.

Kazi ya DPP ni kuachilia suspect 'at their own discretion ’ alafu kushinda wakisumbua officers na arrest warrants, mara court summons…bure kabisa

Wafinyweeeeee! Those fools really terrorized anyone who was against the Ichaweri thug.

Amateur hour pale Statehouse. We know every administration comes with it’s own hit squad but the old one is done away with kichinichini.
You can’t ran Kenya without a heavy dose of extra-judicial violence. Jambazi Sugu atajuta huu ujuaji

What do you mean everything?
The squad has how many officers?
Why should someone wield the powers to make others disappear without trace?

River yala deaths must come to an end.

Bado hujapona? Utapona tu. Give it another sixty days. Utamzoea Rais wako mpya.

You are assuming that Ruto who has been in government for the last 30 years and served 10 as a VP is some greenhorn in statecraft.

They should simply go for their bosses…these are just juniors acting on orders

That’s what I sort of find weird with the current purge…

Obviously majamaa were taking orders…

To target them puts the institution at disrepute…

Juniors are supposed to always take orders. But ukiona how others were treated will you be eager to take those orders…

Squeeze the juniors, some will confess to the detriment of the big boss, scale up like that until you have your main man.

Saa hii ndio unatoka cloud 9 after JSKS win,rushia mimi crumbs.
Last time I check we were good buddies,tighter buddies than before

This argument…just coz u r a junior doesn’t mean u should agree to illegality. Both are guilty, the boss n the junior. Kwanza kama wewe ni junior u will be the sacrificial lamb if crap hits the fan.

It’s not that easy, once in the squad getting out is you and the Lord. No self will!! Pray age catches up or a promotion takes you to safer grounds.