The day you can no longer provide you will beleft to rot and die


Rest in power Lion King

@Micymas in my eyes wewe ni mafwi ya umbwa homosexual ilikufa kwa ukimwi last year but four

It is the way of the alpha… An alpha life, an alpha existence, has a pitifull post alpha situation… The Lion shares the apex predator position with the Hyena. Interestingly the Hyena is matriarchal society… males are smaller than females and less dominant… yet the hyena is a more efficient killer in the wild than is the lion… Hyena males live a pitiful existence but are shielded from the steep contrasts in fortunes of the alpha journey…

actually it is the opposite. The role of the male in lion society is to provide territory and security. As soon as he cannot fulfill that duty where through injury or age, he is tossed aside quickly and the females get a new catch

The females do nada, zilch. kwa hiyo mashauri… issa male thing, the aged alpha gets ousted by its own sire… killed, even, if its lucky, coz surviving and hunting as a lone male lion is extremely difficult even for a healthy young male…


The good thing is Alpha humans are faced with options to override animal pitfalls.
If you have enough even when physically down, there are lots of miserable females looking for the opportunity to step in and sponge off your wealth while pretending they care…until your demise.