The day mkono mrefu wa sheria finally caught up with @Mundu mulosi and @uwesmake .

TBT , 1 year ago @uwesmake and @Mundu Mulosi were finally apprehended by the irate citizens of Kakamega. @uwesmake is the feminine one in red. :D:D:D:D

Paruiyas are a hilarious lot.


Kwani wewe ni mluhya? :smiley:

I thought Miano is an Okuyu name.

Wacha elders wajibambe.

So anyway the Bukusu in a brown shirt, the mundu mulosi character, is a father of 3 and is called Gilbert Wanyeso from Angwete Village Kakamega. Gili or Gilpat threw out his wife recently so he could sleep with men.

The smaller one in red, @uwesmake , is called Caleb Andani from Lugari.

[SIZE=7]Father of 3 Arrested for Homosexuality in Kakamega[/SIZE] obulala-ingo@250
1 year ago

Resident of Shikhambi, Kakamega town were shocked after two men from the region were found engaging in homosexuality on Friday morning.
Gilbert Wanyeso who is a father of 3 was caught in the act with Caleb Andani who hails from Lugari.
The two were caught by neighbours who say, they suspected that Wanyeso was homosexual after he was alleged to have engaged in homosexuality with another man before the Friday incident.

“He has a very old daughter. This is very shameful.” Said one of the locals.
“We have found homosexual videos on his phone. He has been doing this for quite sometimes. We are very much ashamed as women.” Said one of the residents.
The residents also claimed that the region has been marred with same sex relationships which they have promised to put to an end.
They have also called on the local house owners to reveal anyone who is engaging in such activities.
The two were rescued by police after the locals started wanted to kill them.
Homosexuality is crime in Kenya after the High Court upheld the law banning same sex in May 24, 2019. The crime attracts close to 14 years in jail.

[SIZE=7]Two Kakamega men caught engaging in homosexual act arrested[/SIZE]
By Abel AmalaOn Fri, 21 Aug, 2020 15:20 | 2 mins read alleged gay couple was arrested in Kakamega Town early Friday, August 21. [PHOTO: ABEL AMALA | K24 DIGITAL]

Police in Kakamega County have arrested two youthful men accused of engaging in homosexuality.
Gilbert Wanyeso, a resident of Angwete Village in Kakamega Town, and his male partner were caught in bed by neighbours on Friday morning (August 21).
Nyumbi Kumi Initiative elder, Reuben Otiende, told K24 Digital that they had suspected Wanyeso alias Gili, was a homosexual after he recently “committed the crime with a neighbour’s son”.
On Friday morning, when a non-native male person entered Wanyeso’s house, the neighbours suspected that the visitor could be “one of Wanyeso’s many gay lovers”.
Several minutes later, the residents broke down Wanyeso’s door and found him and his partner, identified as Caleb Andani, a Lugari native, engaging in homosexual activity.
The irate residents began beating up the two, forcing police to intervene.

The duo was whisked into a police van and driven to Kakamega Police Station, where they are being held in lawful custody.

Wanyeso, neighbours say, is a divorcee who kicked his wife, Grace Khavetsa, out of their matrimonial home last year. The former couple is blessed with three children.

“He (Wanyeso) broke up with his wife so that he could freely engage in homosexual acts,” alleged a neighbour.

“We are urging the landlord of the house rented by this man (Wanyeso) to send him packing. We cannot tolerate homosexuality in this area. These are the men who will spoil our children,” said another resident.

Another local, an elderly woman, said: “Women were created by God to provide men with companionship, not men for men. This young man, who is like my son, has embarrassed the community. He was married, but divorced his wife so that he could get into homosexual relationships. That is wrong.”

The angry locals snatched Wanyeso’s phone and went through his gallery, where they allegedly found pictures of Wanyeso in bed with his lover, Andani.

Kakamega Central OCPD David Kabena told K24 Digital that the suspects will be arraigned once investigations are concluded.

Pati Leo tuko mid month. Stud hana pesa ya kwenda kuhangout with the boys. Leo mboro itakuita jina.

Ponifenja Makwaka from Shikhambi, umezoea kupost vitu za kishoga na unaniambia ni posti picha za females? Zitakusaidia aje?

@Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD hizi handle zako ni mingi sana punguza.