The day I met the Don!

Back then, I didn’t even know who this guy was. I was at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan when I spotted a group of Africans at the paddock.

When I approached, they asked me to take a photo of them (see below) and I then left afterwards.

Years later, I came to realize that the guy at the back was the CEO of sport-pesa and was a sponsor of the Racepoint formula 1 racing team before they rebranded to Astorn Martin. The guy was indeed Ronald Karauri. Last I checked he’s now in gov’t.

I always thought the Uhuru saga in another Grand Prix was the problem. Kamwana got angry that a Kenyan company was sponsoring a racing team in formula 1. It’s actually funny because the guy second from left in the photo is Uhuru’s nephew.

Big guy that one. I found his story inspiring later on. Insane!


It wasn’t a Kenyan company sponsoring a formula 1 event. Sportpesa worldwide is a laundering( “legal”) operation. Because they stated that their earnings were mainly from Africa, they were not taxed in the UK for their operations there. It’s a legal manouver. The truth is otherwise.

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You’re delusional. 48% of sport-pesa equity is owned by Kenyans. The remaining stake is owned by an Italian outfit, some Bulgarians and an American all who own lower percentages of the stake.

Wacera Maina - 21%
Wanderi Ndung’u - 17%
Karauri - 6%
Wanyoike Macharia - 3%
Waweru Kiarie - 1%

Gene Brand - 21% (American)
Nikolov - 21% (Bulgarian)
Valentina - 3% (Bulgarian)
Ivan - 2% (Bulgarian)
Cellini Holdings (Italian) - 5%

Saa zingine jiheshimu Kama mkenya.

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Bandit iko on process to own 1% of matatu route Umoja and 1% supermetro.

Kitunguu tanuka kwa Gazeti la ktalk soon.

You are the one beyond delusional. SportPesa parent company is a holder of gambling operations. Many of them illegal. To rinse their money, they set up “legit” businesses outside UK. To get into the Kenyan system, they paid Kenyans to register as share holders in the company. That way if they are flagged , hao wakenya come out as owners kuwasaidia kortini. Ata angalia izo majina apo juu za maforeigner some are fictional not real characters. ChatGPT can help you here to investigate.

An American called Gene Brand. :grin: :grinning:

SportPesa’s 2018 income in the UK derived from an IT services agreement charged to the Kenyan operation at a 400% mark-up. :flushed: