The Day He will Never Forget

A newly married man saw a hooker ,dressed seductively… She was just too sexy to overlook. He picked her up(along Koinange street) and abandoned the way to his home to a hotel in Wetlands. He lodged with her and in less than 5mins he was on top of her. She was flexible as a snake. Her moaning sounded like a hissing snake. The guy was so carried by her move and didn’t give much concern to the sound. They had sex over and over again and he even gave her more than the bargained amount. He begged her to stay overnight to which she agreed. He woke up an hour later(with the intentions of having another round with her) but he didn’t find her on the bed. He hears hissing sounds in the bathroom and when he peeped he saw two big pythons talking to each other,he was so scared and he screamed and run for the door but it was already locked…the pythons leaped on him ready to strike,he tried to scream for help but his head were already inside one of the two monsters…He thought of biting the snakes tongue but a good idea came to his mind…to tickle the monster… It started to laugh uncontrollably and…
… … The problem is I don’t even know how to end this fake story Jimalizieni #Nimeenda munapeda mucene saanaa. Ingekuwa bible verse mungesoma??? #shenzi







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Here is a new band…Upusu Band. Lakini kama @kush yule mnono ndo band leader, hata mimi nitakuwa camel milker soon


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