The dark secrets of Klist/Ktalk .. a J & J inc Produshizzle.

I know u are wondering why this expose is under sex and relationships? Well it’s bcoz on this thread j&j will reveal to you talkers and listers who have ever exchanged fluids on this streets.

Sit back and relax… take a sit and enjoy the ride. I will be your host Panyaste.

  1. Jakenya & Supu.

They used to call each other sweet names when they were admins back in klost. Many thought these two were exchanging fluids. Truth is jakenya never had sex with supu and this is why. One day they met in a hotel. They were all cosy. Kissing and all…once in room…supu unzipped jakenya and saw his uncut penis…she ran away frm that room in disgust never to be seen ever again.

  1. KUSH YULE MNONO & Miss F.Wine.

The fat nguruwe(Gulf) was having an online love affair with miss wine who was in London then. They were so inlove. An arrangement was made for a meet up in Kenya.

Nguruwe took his flight to Kenya and found Finest wine waiting for him in a lodging (She had flown in days earlier and arranged everything). It was all good until miss FW opened her legs for fat nguruwe. He was met with a stench ya sewage. He ran away never to be seen ever again.


These two mungikis fell inlove during the uhuruto tano tena song. They fell inlove here on this streets. One time Motokubwa shot his shot and asked Ranny ati they kutana base ya mutura. They did biz together until late night when all customers had left. They then entered a kichaki and had mungiki sex. Awful mungiki sex. Not sure if they are still together.

  1. SEEKER & Ochuodho J

The latter was based in London while the mkamba lady seeker was a lonely kamba gal living in paipu. He would visit Kenya once in a while and sex that mkamba mercilessly. She got pregnant and nigga deserted her. She is still a single mother in Pipeline estate. Sells vegetables.

  1. Deorro and Labelle

Labelle was based in the USA and used to sponsor the mjaluo. She would send money to help this site run. She would visit Kenya once in a while akiwa na manyege and Deorro would satisfy all the time.

  1. Uwesmake & Suzie

The stupid mbukusu used to flirt with this gal Suzie. He didn’t know who she was… one day they planned for a meet up in those river road lodgings. Suzie walked in the room with a tight mini dress and wig. Lichoti locked the door. Game time. Suzie suggested that she tie lichoti with ropes on the bed for a kinky sex . He agreed.

FFWD. Suzie removed her wig and revealed her self. It was a man. Njamba huthu.

Lichoti was seen running away from that lodging the next day 6am with falling trousers never to be seen ever again.

To be continued

Low IQ thread… find a new MO your stories always end the same way.


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