The Dangers of Using Metal to Build Muscle

Dynamic tension is much safer

Have you watched how much weight he lifts. The guy seriously over does it. He even lifts right off surgery when doctors have warned him his body can’t take it. There’s no one on this universe even close to being as addicted to weights as this guy.

@Micymas is a skinny fat couch potato who posts this type of content to console himself about not working out.


The human body is not mean to lift more weight than you encounter in a normal day hunting in a forest.


watu wachape tizi bwana
damu itembee kwa mwili

His is an addiction

This dudes mentality is out of this world. By the way he is the nicest guy in the world. Very kind hearted guy. But when it comes to weights, he is in another universe. Right off surgery docs warn you you have blood clots that can travel to your heart and kill you, dude is FB on live that evening lifting. Ata where he gets the strength that day when most people would be suffering from effects of an anesthesia ( nausea, in and out of sleep) is a story for another day.

Yeah buddy! Lightweight bebeh! :D:D