The dangerous religion

These guys whenever their population increase to a substantial amount they try to impose their values and beliefs on people. And it happens all over the place not only Kenya. Having a substantial Muslim population in a country is having an enemy within.

huyo saleh awachie wanasheria mambo ya sheria.

Islam is poison

Every religious group’s mandate is to get as many converts as possible and establish roots as deep as possible. Are you forgeting how we christians have a noisy church after every 50 metres in some places? Or how tax money is currently probably being used for government thanksgiving services each Sunday. how do you think muslims, hindus, and Afrikan religion people feel about this?

You people hate islam but islam existed in this land before kenya and it will continue to exist indefinitely God willing

Wapeleke kelele saudi arabia ama afghanistan. No religion is as intolerant as those fcukers,can’t even have a congregation within their cuntries kabla mpigwe bomb. Watulie kiasi ,no hate just balance

don’t play victim over here.

what does the kadhi apply all day, every day if not islamic law/jurisprudence?

If you bothered reading history books, Christians have committed worse atrocities in the history of mankind.

We are not here about history. We are about now…what we are experiencing now. History is history…and that is why it is past

Kinyozi wa mafudhi Islam is not a foreign culture/religion in kenya ,It has deep seated roots in kenya 1200 yrs before Christianity was introduced hapa kenya

Islam wafike na uzito huku tumalize hizi dens za Umalaya haraka haraka

Come again you dumbass filthy liar! Without Judaism and Christianity, islam wouldn’t have been born. Humanity comes first before any friggin doctrine.

Stay in your lane faggot, you obviously didn’t even read that or you have severe reading comprehension problems. Did i say islam existed before Christianity or Islam existed in kenya before Christianity?


Both RELIGION ( Spiritual Beliefs) and SEX Issues should be STRICTLY private individual matters …

Just as we have a separation of CHURCH and STATE , we also need to enshrine the separation of SEX and STATE …

The STATE has no business in SPIRITUAL or SEXUAL matters…

Those belong in places of worship and bedrooms …

Worship in the privacy of your place of worship and enjoy S*ex in the privacy of your bedroom …

Keep both away from the public limelight …
That way , they are both nobody’s business but your own …

Ama Namna Gani , Ndugu Zangu …??? :D:D

So now the Muslims should commit enough atrocities mpaka watoshane? What a retarded comment


You said islam existed in “this land before Kenya,” whatever tf that means insinuates the notion that Islam is the original religion. Damn this land(rock) is older than Isislam.

You are a retard, 100yrs ago there was no country called kenya

I know that, fool. You can christen the land however you wanna,let’s call the land “Bonoboland,” for example, or “Beap.” In whichever case, you’ll conclude that that respective land came into existence before some goddamn religion.