The Danger of Electing Young Presidents in Africa

Moi became president at 54 years. He ruled for 24 years.

Uhuru Kenyatta became president at 51. He is already angling of a way to stay in power through BBI etc.

Ruto is 54 years old. Continue reading and you will see what I’m driving at…

Odinga is 76 years old - 22 years older than Ruto. Raila is old enough to be Ruto’s father.

Kibaki became president at 70 years old. He left peacefully after serving his two term limit.

What I’m driving at is that Raila poses a lower risk of an absolute dictatorship than Ruto.

Museveni got into power at 41 years of age. He has been in power for 35 years!!

Mugabe got into power at 56 years and ruled for 37 years!!

Kagame became president at 42 years old. He has already ruled Rwanda for 21 years and shows no signs of exiting!!

Hii kiti ni addictive so it is in your best interest to avoid electing young presidents. They pose a higher risk of totalitarian rule/dictatorship. Vote for Ruto and prepare for Moi Season 2. History has shown that young presidents in Africa are always a bad idea.

I’m not a professional number cruncher but this is a pretty solid case of voting for Ruto in 2032 or 2037, NOT 2022. Numbers don’t lie.

Greed knows no age restrictions

Age doesn’t care about greed. It catches up with everyone. An older president is an insurance policy to the public against extended dictatorship. Moi was greedy but he had to exit at 78 years. The ideal president should be at least 65 years old. Nature will take care of the public’s interest.

I personally think RAO is the lesser evil between the two.

ile ya kuingia usiku

It might help but consider a scheming deputy president who could easily off an old man with early signs of dementia

bado mkundu yako uliko 22year mr @M2Random

@poyoloko penda io sana lakini hana ya pilsner

Limit ni 2 terms. That was a typo. Kibaki left voluntarily after his two terms.

The deputy should also be 65+ if possible.

Banae i think young blood.brings in fresh thots. Yes wazee wanakua na experience lakini it doesnt matter age.what matter is can you be a ruler president and be fair and straight forward. Ukraine elected a president who was a comedian actor as a president and ukrainians elected him to be their real true president and.they are happy.

Ukraine is not in Africa (read title).

Younger guys are more likely to become dictators and rule for 20+ years. They are riskier. The data proves it.

I know kwani unaona mimi mjinga aje:rolleyes:That was just an example bro. Kwani who is the youngest african prezo and surpassed his terms.

Problem is power not age…power corrupts

[SIZE=7]isn’t this the best news ever for ruto supporters… ?[/SIZE]

hata sikuwa nimeona hio typo:D:D:D:D
namaanisha aliserve one term na term two akaingia usiku

You missed the point.

You can be corrupt at any age, but you can’t rule at any age. That’s the point. Moi was corrupt but age caught up with him in his 70s.

Limit ni 2 terms, so hata angetaka hangeingia. If he was 20 years younger angejaribu ile ukora Uhunye alikuwa anajaribu na BBI chieth

Nope It’s you purporting geezers are better for presidency forgetting the adage power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Theres no risk at all…binadamu ni binadamu tu…tuwache tu ukabila na tupick better leaders.

That would be fair, but I believe that it’s the people who reflect the caliber of leadership.
If the people are selfish and vision less then the same will be replicated in administration.

In my view I think tribalism exists due to resource allocation, most tribal bigots are less educated and have never been beyond their comfort zone.

The fear of the unknown is what drives people to rob the ‘foreigner’, the idea that my actions have no consequences since that other person is responsible for my current predicaments.

This strikes me as a devil is to blame for everything, so I truly think the answer for tribalism lies in spiritual realm.
The Church and exemplary conduct will rid us of this nonsense, because it will create a common foe between the two foreigners.

Nope…tribalism exists due to selfishnes.
The fear of the unknown, poorly educated blah blah blah ni excuses.
The church will rid nothing…the church has its own weaknesses…usisahau it is ran by MEN…men from distinct tribes and socio economic backgrounds…it all starts with you…ukienda church go for you and you alone…your not in this with anyone…as much as people think we are in this together…ni wewe na Mungu wako.
Life is all about choices…theres no 2 ways about it…sawa…thats all i have to say…tusi complicate simple matters.