The daily show....

After watching this hilarious episode, it really got me wondering…could it be that the producers are against Trump presidency?
Towards the end, Trevor does come out clearly showing his position; he’s totally against Trump as a president; and we all know its not him really saying these things from the heart…or is he?


Is that show scripted?

Am tempted to say it is, say 60%

Its 200% scripted bro. But huwa hilarious

Ofcos the CIA feeds you what they want.

The American Oligarchy is against Donald Trump.

Of course its scripted. I also know that. But ya’ll missed my point. And my point was that the presenter is not and was not expressing his personal opinion but the opinions of the owners if I may call them that way…

Exactly my point. But what if he was expressing his own views and not those of the Producers, would he be allowed to?
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