The D2 Web

The D2 Web meaning. The Deep and Dark Web. The Deep web are websites which are not available to all public Internet user. They are hidden so They can not be seen on any other browser not even on google or Yahoo. They can only be seen on a broswer called T O R
The Dark Web this is the same kind of hidden web but it mostly constists of illegal activities like Guns and ammor bussines, drugs, human trafficing, adult contents, counterfeits money bussines.
They end with. onion
Just sharing information.
You can go to and enter the address of the hidden network.

siku utaona webcam ikiwaka ndio itakuwa siku yako ya mwisho dark web…
just kidding. u must be new to the dark web

Nimekula spaghetti sapa saai tayari Niko njaa nanyemelea mkate ya breko:D
Time check 00:38hr EAT

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Kumbe we huiba mpaka chakula:D

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