The curse on African teams at the world cup

What is it with African teams and winning? Both Morocco and Egypt played well but couldn’t even score a goal. There is something wrong with this damned continent

timu za afrika nigeria na senegal bado hazijacheza

Tunisia.??? Ama ni auto correct. U meant Morocco

hatutambui alshabaabs…we supporting Naija and Senegal…ghasia

morocco, let me correct

my money is on Tunisia…though siezi bet na za Afrika

Hii VAR insimamisha flow ya ball

true the game is unpredictable & the ref not in control

tangu nimeanza kuangalia makombe ya dunia timu za afrika huwa zinafunga goli kwa shida saana.
sitegemei timu yoyote kuvuka makundi. ikipita itakuwa moja tu.

In my opinion, the odds even of qualifying for the cup lean heavily against the Africans. Isipokuwa no aibu, waafrika hawangekubaliwa kucheza.

Ningeulizwa, all nations headed by one head of state should play as one team. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or any of the other 14 nations headed by Queen Elizabeth should play as the English.

Kama leo ingekua someone like Ghana or Congo in place of UK’s extension Australia.

2014 world cup remains as the only one that two African teams qualified for knockout stage - Nigeria & Algeria. this time only Senegal stands a chance.
Nigeria can’t beat that Iceland team


nalaum continent na unatumia lugha ya wazungu, waafrika tumelaaniwa

I think most of African Team lack a winning strategy. Winning is psychology that has to be embodied in their mind. They have to discard a ‘you played well mindset and adopt a winning mindset’