The Curious Case of Babayao

Anticipatory bail was a game changer that came with the new constitution. The sad thing is that it seems only available to the high and mighty. When news came in that the EACC had raided Gov. Babayao’s homes, it wasn’t a surprise that the good governor quickly filed an application for anticipatory bail pending arrest. The curious thing is if one can be granted such orders if he’s already under arrest or if such orders are a preserve of the high court.

What is most shocking is that the magistrate that heard the matter was apparently indisposed. So what would make him suddenly in good health and available to hear the matter? Your guess is as good as mine.

(Disclaimer: Those shoes are not related to or should not be associated with yours truly)

What gets me mad is how people want to blame “the new constitution” for everything. Anticipatory bail was always there, even before 2010! The “new constitution” is a good thing, that was made to make our lives better. But enemies of democracy, human rights, devolution (in other words tyrants) won’t allow it to be implemented properly.

aaaaaah boss! EACC sasa ni utoto. Mara ngapi tumerudi works kitu urgent tukiwa wagonjwa? Waache fitina.

Anybody walking around with Ruto should be prepared at all times.

Ya. They have heard your rumour since they are camped on KTalk.

The problem isn’t anticipatory bail. It is the selective application of who deserves to get such orders. If you are poor or without means, your application will most likely be dismissed. But it seems it is a preserve for the rich.One lucky applicant, who was formerly a commissioner in the JSC has orders in his favour blocking his arrest or prosecution in at least five corruption cases.

The selectiveness bit, I agree. It can be very hard for a poor man to get bail pending appeal, anticipatory bail and other such advanced favors.

hizo nugu zinatumia principal na principle interchangeably?

Cannot even spell their employer’s name correctly… ant-corruption?


Huyo lazima ni mkisii.

Sema tu ni Tom Ojienda. What an arrogant man that one.

Boss, sijui kwa nini uko hivi. Did you say that you are a lawyer? The OP has raised very weighty issues which you are dismissing off-hand. Halafu kesho uje hapa useme 'Uhuru is not fighting corruption as if Uhuru is supposed to take up bows and arrows…

But he’s not. Konyagi is a magician using sleight of hand tricks. His niece who brought in medical scam containers is still enjoying her loot. Nothing has happened to her.

These are theatrics.

For EACC to write, they must be sure be having the Mpesa message of the magistrate receiving kakitu from Baberyao

Sir, I will only entertain your BS this once. Are you saying UHURU’S NIECE is the one who was given the contract to import the container clinics by Afya House?

Kindly quote the source of this information.

Mistake. Should be received questionable payouts from the health ministry and other tenders. And it was his sister and his niece.