The culture wars continue.

Obama erasing history and rewritting a new version of history.



@patco kwa hii mambo ya great reset, do you think they might also erase people’s memories as well. I mean literally programing people to actually forget the past and then burn all books and digital records?

hizi vitu hazikubore? we are here enjoying life you are busy obsessing over Obama and gays

We out here living our best lives

Manze. My only regret this morning ni vile nilidrunk text watu otherwise singe. Huyu regret yake ni vile Trump hajamdinya rasa

I believe he is correcting your diction. I also read your comment and concluded that you translated your comment directly from sheng’ i.e

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Tuko hapa tuki enjoy life

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]We are here enjoying life

We are out here enjoying our best years…

We are out here enjoying the good times…

We are out here enjoying our youth…

We are out here living our best lives …

I chose to view my life as part of the wider tapestry of human civilisation and history, as such the only events I regret are the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 and the United States terminating the convertibility of the US dollar to gold in 1971 lakini otherwise tuko hapo tuu

It’s already going on. In the U.S they have introduced what is known as CRITICAL RACE THEORY funded by akina Soros and to be taught to young kids. A new version of history and race relations. It will soon be in the Kenyan syllabus.

Someone posted some of those books on twitter but I can’t find that tweet. Yes it is programming.

Interesting. But why is it that handsome men often have not so good looking daughters?






[quote=“LongerTime, post:3, topic:273543”]

hizi vitu hazikubore? we are here enjoying life you are busy obsessing over Obama and gays
That is what you do when you are in between customers. And they aren’t exactly breaking down doors to have a go at a 60 year old bottom faggot.[/QUOTE]

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Niggas busy complaining yet they are the first to vacate black neighbour hoods when that sweet dollar comes about.always vote democrat despite no improvement in their socio economic status…

Watu watoke plantantion