The Crisis of Teen Pregnancy in Kenya during Corona

Better to lock in your kids at home than this. Ni kubaya wazazi.


HI Mums what advice can you give azn to a 10 year girl ako na ball na mwenye amempa is just but a form one azae ama abortion wale wenye matusi wait am serious concerning this issue aki corona iishe watoi warudi shule

Singo mothers guild mmeshindwa kulea watoto na tabia nzuri sasa mnataka kuachia walimu wawalindie?

Please be culled

Me am NOT believing some of the numbers of corona time school girl pregnancies.

Ati machakos county > 20k, its like the numbers are exaggerated for effect.

Alafu kuna 2 chiefs and countless teachers arrested for the same.

some positives

if we continue burying our heads in the sand, we will always be having these discussions every year.
worst part is the girls are the ones who have their futures robbed/destroyed, they might be the ones who die while procuring abortions, or commit suicide as they are afraid of their parents.

That Archbishop Ole Sapit talks of “we should not adopt foreign policies” yet he is the epitome of the same literally representing a foreign religion :slight_smile: Talk of lack of reflection.

we are very funny creatures especially us Africans.
but time will tell

If you know anyone in a public hospital ask for the rate of post abortion care patients they currently have.