The Covid-19 pandemic has created a gateway for a surveillance state that is reminiscent of an orwellian novel


Mdau summary we are working from home. Hatutumii WiFi ya muindi. The little data we have is choking the bishop. Ile itabaki is for kuosha maitho.

this has always been the case since humans started living in communities.
then we had Human spies, now technological spies.
by the end of the day Humans will always want to be protected but they don’t want to know how.
right now we are knowing the how and that’s what’s bothering us.

let Samaritan’s games begin.

And is getting worse!! [MEDIA=telegram]KenyaTalks/58089[/MEDIA]


Lol. What madness! First of all temperature ya huyo dem sio “mbaya sana.” 36.7 deg Celcius is within normal range. It’s sad that people are now turning in their neighbors to the govt, which is then taking drastic measures not grounded in science. As we have seen, she was already isolating at her bf’s home. She’s also wearing a mask and doing social distancing jameni. This was a total overreaction. Corona is here to stay so it’s upon us to learn how to live with it.