The cost of staying alive and why drugs are so expensive

While R&D is expensive and pharmaceutical companies need to be rewarded for their effort in coming up with life saving drugs, they are also taking advantage of the sick by pricing their treatments to cost a fortune. Basically the drug components are so cheap while he manufacturing happens in China and India where cost of manufacturing is low, however the final product off the shelf is way more expensive even after adding all the associated costs.
Worse is that the pharmaceutical companies have patents for their drugs making production of generic ones a nightmare which would otherwise save the poor.
The fact that this is an entire industry way of doing things makes it impossible for the poor man to fight back. The health insurance scheme is flawed such that it’s the sick that pay for the healthy instead of the other.
DIY hacker labs are trying to help the poor sick by circumventing the patents, basically the particular drugs are patented but the components are not, so figuring out a way to produce your own is theoretically legal.
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Basically we shouldn’t have to choose to die because we can’t afford to live. Patents are good for encouraging R&D but of what use are they if they can’t help those who need it the most. It calls for a delicate balance profits and preserving and protecting life because in the grand scheme of things pharmaceutical companies shouldn’t prioritize profits over people’s lives.

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This really hurts esp for those who suffer terminal illnesses or have close people suffering from the same. It’s sad to watch someone die while you know there is a way to save him/her if you were financially stable.

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