The conundrum.

Wadau na Mende zingine…

So Juzi (monday) nilipata Text from Barclays telling me my loan application has been approved and funds disbursed.
Ofcourse I thought ni scam so nikalenga. Same day a text came in from Transunion CRB that my account has been used to take up a loan.
Mimi huyooo nikaingia Barclays kuchunguza and to my Amazement there it was! a whole 250K!!!
Nikapigia Barclays kuuliza WTF…nikaambiwa the wife took the loan. [SIZE=3]now hii ni account joint[/SIZE]

I started combing thru my memories nikakumbuka nikiitishwa ID yangu aende nayo job… so nikapigia wife kuuliza she told me ni relax we’ll discuss it later…

Kumbe Loan ilichukuliwa ku-refurnish Maskani!! Who does that!! Loan ya Pickup bado inanihangaisha na mtu anachukua loan KUREFURNISH nyumba!
Nirudhie hio mbesha ama niwache nione vile kutaenda?!

sisemi hii story yako ni uongo but i’d believe it if it was more credible. why would CRB call you na loan haijakosa kulipwa?

@gashwin kuna alert hutumwa from TRANSUCRB…


wadau ,mlisema the estimated cost ya kurifurbish a house ni how much…

niuzie zile mtaondoa,niko hapa juu ndeiya,huwa nakuona sana hapo gwathiro

KeSh 270,000 equivalent to one Bellringer

:D:D uko mbali kiasi

I think its like a green light from the CRB about your “credit health” correct me if am wrong @RetiredVirgin

Sijaelewa your comment but yep. My credit score is Waaaaay up there! Lakini Banks zina ufala sana when I need some credit for my Biz…

Ya mido crass ni one Berhinger = Ksh. 376,000

This is a conversation you should be having with your wife.

waah! kumbe nimequote ya peasant?

Kama ingekua mimi, I would rudisha that mbesha upesi sana.
You say you have another Loan inakuhangaisha, why put yourself through more headache. You should discuss this loan with your wife, I know most people huficha ficha tustress.
Refurnishing a house is not a necessity, this are things you do when you have money, sio za mkopo. If people learnt to live within their means, it would be an ideal world. Maliza paying for the Pickup, then furnish hau as and when you can. Maoni yang tu.

hio pesa naenda kuisukuma YOTE kulipia pickup na niweke stone face

Just a point of clarification, when taking out a loan facility against a joint account? arent both parties required to sign off on the same? otherwise how do you make someone party to a loan facility they did not give consent to? :confused::confused:

this is why i said this story sounds made up ([SIZE=1]just to create another debate here[/SIZE])

1Beringer = 367k

KCB had a product several years ago that gave young newly employed people loans to furnish their “cribs”. :D:D Used to see the billboards mostly on Mombasa road and Ngong Road

Depends on the account signatories…blah blah blah…for us either signatory is enough…but I will expect a detailed accounting of cash used and so will the wife…but basically coz company wife anawork at has an MOU na Bank and is willing to guarantee the loans…getting loans is not a problem for us at all

all she needed was MY ID na DOB, as a spouse, na Her Mom’s ID na DOB and loan came thru…thats how I got the pickup…no Hustles at all

Hehehe. By the time unamaliza kulipia sofa na tv, zishaisha ‘fashion’ na uko square zero.