The Continue to Disrespect Jagathi

Huyu ni ule minister anamnyima :helicopter:


Mkuki kwa nguruwe kwa binadamu ni chungu. Matiangi vs Ruto rebooted.

We will be there irregardless


Basi waseme tax ilipwe 1 man 1 kilometer. You cant collect tax 1 man 1 vote 1 shilling but when it comes to sharing the tax you switch to 1 shilling 1 km.


That man is stupid, kwanza huwa anapigwa na bibi yake. Kazi yake ni kutomba malaya tu. I know him


wewe ni Kevoh?

Are you representing Kindiki here? Where is he loitering these days to get per diems? Ruto gave him a skeleton ministry after removing police department from there yet he thinks he is valued! So kindiki is a toothless dog, any time you see him purporting to give orders to police jua ni mnyambo ya punda. Does he think by tweeting a rehearsed generic statement devoid of any specifics will make him popular? Must he arse-lick JSKS all the time? Why did he employ only his relatives if he is as nationalistic as he is pretending?


Central Kenya and other hardworking Kenyans should not be punished to give warias and other misfits free money. It is nonsensical.


Waria hawaezi kubali uo upuzi wa 1man 1vote.
Na hawafichi.


In relation with the said person, could you categorize the nature of your familiarity as mutually beneficial?

Kwani wao pekee ndio kusema hapa. Hii pengine iende referendum. It will garner support in Mt Kenya, Nyanza, parts of RV and parts of western. Those are the regions that stand to gain from this

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There is only one solution: Central Kenya to secede from Kenya.

We can be California ya Kenya

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Central can go ahead. Do you know Kikuyus have never won a Nairobi county wide election ever since the onset of devolution? Even when Waititu with all his political muscle ran against a newbie kidero he lost. Right now the city is under western domination. That means you will have to leave Nairobi out of your dreams. Cessation if any will be through a vote if it ever comes to that. An alliance between the west and the kamba plus rift valley will mean you will lose Nairobi as well. Nakuru you guys have managed to muscle it from Kales.

Only a crackhead would think this a good idea.


He is one of those shiny eyes that have swallowed the narrative that their billionaires are his parents meaning he is automatically a billionaire. He has his eyes on the priced real estate around Nairobi from his mwiki single room.


How many Luhya mcas and MPs have been elected in Nairobi? There are more Luo mcas and MPs than Luhyas. So wachana na myambo ya punda

So you think Luos will support your stupid idea. Can you use your head tafadhali. When I say western domination it includes Luos

Everybody in Kenya knows what western mean, and what Nyanza mean. I don’t engage in low level arguments nor am I a kikuyu. You are just consumed by hatred

Hehehe, typical rural Kikuyu. Jomo really messed up the minds of his kinsmen by brainwashing them into thinking a carpentry apprentice is royalty lol.