The consequences of needing men to validate your existence

Wendy Williams hope you get well soon. So sad.

I don’t want to appear unempathetic but women know what is up but keep toxic, role reversed, philandering men to keep up an image that they are worthy. Eventually it’s the man who is tired of the charade and leaves. Then it’s a free fall. Please ladies life is very short for all this mess and if you are in your 20s it’s understandable that you are in toxic, one sided marriage or relationship bcz you don’t know better and this is your first love blah blah but after that there is no excuse. If Wendy just dumped this guy when she sensed the toxicity she’d have healed by now but imagine being dumped at 50 after like 20 years of marriage and you start over. It’s too much no wonder she can’t stop drinking. Still we are rooting for her. This is not the end.

Too much na huyu Wendy Williams. She has since moved and is dating other men.

Moved where when she’s drunk 24’7 can’t even host her show hadi her employee quit until she goes to rehab.

Her exe was on the DL but nowadays his sugar baby is online with a vegan cooking channel, all over social media. I hope she won’t end up like MJ and Whitney Houston.

See why I tell you he’s the one who held down that show for her. Paka she had to look to bring him back after her divorce.

There’s nothing like that, he was an insecure drama queen who wanted to control everything and he became a nuisance but people tolerated him bcz of Wendy. He didn’t hold down anything and if she never met his sorry ass and just had a kid with a random junguu like Serena her life would have been on track. The stress of the toxic marriage drove her to addiction like Whitney. She’s lately hanging with junguu men, once she goes white she will wonder why she wasted her life on that no good demon of an exe husband. She needs rehab for now.

So why did she rehire him after divorce ?

Buda. For your peace of mind, try to avoid arguing with this profile especially on topics about men. :D. They already made up their mind that men (especially black) are crap. Even if you throw a very small but logical thought about anything in that topic, they’ll just twist it to make you look like a dimwit. Their trail of unreplied posts allover this site is atest to how people avoid them like a plague.

I didn’t know avoiding some one like the plague has a part where you open the thread and even reply. Please be a junguu and do not cum in my threads, just stop bringing your monkey ass in my posts. Ngamia wewe. Go look for threads on how you will be a can of worms when you die and where to get hoes for 200. That is the IQ you can afford. Achana na mimi. I have not asked you for your opinion punda milia.

Same reason Whitney did that being Bobby Brown BS. She stupidly in love. There are hundreds of people who could have done it. She just kept him around bcz she didn’t want to be single, nowadays she is sexually harassing her male staff. She needs to move on. I read an article about how 2 yrs into her 20 years marriage she wanted out but you know women. They can really flog a dead horse.

:D:D I replied to him & not you. And get this in your damn thick skull… people can read & choose to ignore coz its better than killing some brain cells for nothing. That’s why people avoid replying to your post. If English is also a problem to you then take your cheap insults to your teacher and not me.