The Consequences of Capitalism

Why would someone who earns a 6 figure salary commit suicide? Simple, it all comes down to the capitalism pressure of our modern world.

Humans were not designed to stare at a computer screen the whole day. Eat, Sleep and repeat. What makes it worse is that some jobs you don’t even have free time to spend quality time with your family. Eventually, your wife starts telling you don’t have time for her so she goes and gets serviced by @M2Random. Heck, she probably gets pregnant and the baby is not yours but you will never find out.

Like this multi-national company called PWC will give you time after work just to get home for dinner but as soon as you’ve eaten and your wife is giving you a blow job, they will call informing you that you’re needed back at the office. Kazi gani hii? Call me lazy or whatever but I can’t be in my workplace more than 40 hours a week. Mi hujaribu mwili inakataa. I can only imagine those in PWC working 80 hours a week. That’s when reality hits you that despite all your money, you have no interesting life outside your job since you don’t have time for anything. Depression starts to sink and you start to ask yourself, is it really worth it?

No wonder countries like South Korea, Japan and USA have a higher suicide rate than the whole of Africa combined? Yet most countries in Africa are 3rd world countries. Like in Japan it is considered a taboo to leave work early around 5 p.m even if you have nothing left to do.

Sijawahi kataa kazi but ya Deloitte nilikataa. My cousin took it. She was happy the first two months before aanze kulose weight. Aliniambia huko ni kazi ya punda. They pay you well, but kazi nayo utatii. You become their slave. Hizi auditing firms sio mchezo especially KPMG, Deloitte na huku kwa akina Okiya.

To be fair this is exactly why most of this Asian and European countries are far ahead of Africa. Their work culture is absolutely exceptional. I remember some German guy being asked what he does for fun after work. His answer? “I work more”. Yah that’s a bit extremist but the point is they don’t fear work they see it as a harsh necessity to survive.

That German clearly loves his job. But most Kenyans secretly hate their jobs especially if it involves long hours but they would rather not say.

The love of work isn’t limited to that particular German but to the German people at large. That’s why most people consider German products as very superior, it all comes down to the German efficiency stories.

I think its just poor organization and cultural differences that make africans what they are

Depression triggered by stress causes suicide.

I dont think it has anything to do with work or the big salary. More likely something else going on in that life; like failed relationship or someone finding out they have a terminal illness etc.

under paid and overworked,hakuna ethics in any social standings be it school,health,justice you name it,there is no satisfaction when rummaging through all that crap

slaykuin alimuacha labda

The sad reality is when you are self employed or better still a business owner you will work +70 up to 80 hours and not realize it.
I normally disappear for +6 months while sharpening my craft. 12 hour days are normal. It’s either that or my goals go unachieved.
The report card of a grown up person is the bank account, health and meaningful relationships. No finances and the other two are gone.

We grow being trained to workhard and long hours, what they don’t tell you is that, the more you emphasize on hardwork you compromise on working smart. My advice is stop working at home and on weekends and finds ways to make sure ur work is completed at normal working hours. Learn to say no to demands from your boss after leaving your place of work or keep your phone off. Tamaa ya pesa na promotion weka bali and have time with you loved ones. Kama ni business, learn to delegate duties and have checks and balances