The Complete Humiliation of Mehmet Oz—and Trump....Nani Kama Biden...

There Was No Super Tuesday Blood-Bath Predicted By Trump’s MEGA Conspiracy Theorists…

Among the many surprisingly positive outcomes for Democrats on Tuesday night was Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman earning a comfortable-ish win for the state’s open Senate seat, previously held by a Republican.

Fetterman—the former mayor of the Rust-Belt borough of Braddock—appears to have outperformed Joe Biden’s margin of victory over Donald Trump across the state, including in rural areas. He also overcame legitimate questions about—and needlessly cruel attacks against—his health, as Fetterman is struggling with his auditory processing following a stroke he suffered on the eve of the Democratic primary.
Fetterman won, Trump’s Oz lost… :D:D:D

But most importantly, Fetterman beat New Jersey-based, crudité-loving, TV celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz.

It wasn’t a guarantee. Fetterman ran several points behind the winning Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Josh Shapiro.

It’s easy to imagine that a strong Republican candidate could have beaten Fetterman in a race that may well likely determine control of the Senate.

Indeed, Republicans had a real opportunity to select that strong challenger for the seat, specifically, the relatively moderate hedge fund manager and former Treasury Department official, David McCormick, who finished second in the Republican primary by just 951 votes.

But it was Dr. Oz who clinched the nomination, thanks almost entirely to a high-profile endorsement by Donald Trump.

Oz has faced mockery on social media following his loss to Democratic candidate John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race.
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz answers brief questions after casting his ballot

After 91 percent of votes were counted as of early Wednesday morning, Fetterman lead Oz with 50 percent of ballots cast to the Republican’s 47.6 percent, while Libertarian candidate Erik Gerhardt had garnered 1.4 percent support.

The Associated Press has called the race in favor of Fetterman, but it will take time for the official results to be announced.

After his win, Fetterman addressed his supporters and said: "I am so humbled. Thank you so much, really. We launched this campaign almost two years ago, and we had our slogan, it’s on every one of those signs right now—every county, every vote.

“Every county, every vote. And that’s exactly what happened. We jammed them up. We held the line.”

Supporters of Fetterman and Dr. Oz’s critics have relished in his defeat and joked about the result.

Late-night chat show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel shared a picture of a smirking Oprah Winfrey imposed over Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister as he captioned the picture: “Oprah watching Dr. Oz go down in flames.”

Last week Oprah Winfrey announced her endorsement for Fetterman in the Pennsylvania race.

Author Kashana Cauley also tweeted:

“Dr Oz furiously dips asparagus into salsa,” in reference to a campaign video of Dr. Oz’s that saw him shopping for crudités in a store.

In other news, Herschel Walker’s trailing behind Brian Kemp in Georgia and that could mean that he’s in danger of losing his senate race to incumbent Raphael Warnock (D).


Taking to Truth Social on election night, Donald Trump took a shot at one of the Republicans he endorsed for a Senate seat after his loss.

Not long after Don Bolduc’s challenge for Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan’s seat in the Senate representing New Hampshire flopped, the former president noted the loss on his struggling social media platform.

“Don Bolduc was a very nice guy, but he lost tonight when he disavowed, after his big primary win, his longstanding stance on Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Primary. Had he stayed strong and true, he would have won, easily. Lessons Learned!!!” [B][I]h[/I][/B]e wrote.

Trump’s latest comments on Bolduc are a change in pace from his endorsement after Bolduc won the Republican primary to face Hassan.

At that time, he wrote, "General Don Bolduc has run a great campaign to be the U.S. Senator from the beautiful State of New Hampshire.

He was a strong and proud ‘Election Denier,’ a big reason he won the Nomination, but he then disavowed.

He has since come back, at least on busing, but that is only a small part of N.H. Election Fraud. Nevertheless, Don Bolduc has asked for my Endorsement, and he’s got it, Complete & Total. His opponent is a disaster on Crime, the Border, Inflation, & all else. Vote for Don Bolduc!”

This is an ongoing story and will be updated.

You flip PA and you wank on it even after loosing House of Congress to GOP:D:D:D


Former President Donald Trump is reportedly fuming over the Republican Party’s failure to produce a red wave, but he’s not ruling out an announcement about a 2024 presidential campaign. :stuck_out_tongue:

The twice-impeached former president’s hand-picked GOP candidates largely flopped in Tuesday’s midterm elections, and Democrats still have an outside shot at maintaining congressional majorities in both chambers, which CNN’s Jim Acosta said leaves Trump and his inner circle pointing fingers at one another.

“‘Trump is livid’ and ‘screaming at everyone,’ after last night’s disappointing midterm results for GOP, according to a Trump adviser," Acosta reported. “The adviser went on to slam the former president’s handpicked contenders: ‘they were all bad candidates.’ ‘Candidates matter,’ the adviser said.”

Trump had reportedly considered announcing a presidential run on Monday, ahead of the midterms, but sources say the election results muddle the timeline for entering the 2024 race.

Hope republicans use this chance to dump Trump ,very divicive creature

Trump is old news and a fuck up. Desantis 2024


Wapi yule msenge, lady boy, shoga @Sidindi Bey @patco @Mrs. Chantel @T.Vercetti ngamia Patrick Patricia Wanjiku hajielewi atoe maoni?

Bure kabisa!

Hii thread inanuka mishuto ya Democrat @Old Monk .

Nilisema zamani that I support Fetterman. I told @Kahuni Maisha that I want Democrats to be lead by a leader with brain damage.

We can’t pass up such an opportunity. Pennsylvania is home to Kensington Avenue. It’s going to be very interesting with Shapiro and Fetterman. This is PA Democrat leadership at it’s finest :

No, Pennsylvania deserves Fetterman. As a MAGA supporter, I support Fetterman and Shapiro.

I also support the Democrat leaders in California. I support Newsome and Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Wewe tulia ujionee. Tunataka raiya wafike tipping point. Mambo bado.

This is what Shapiro and Fetterman are inheriting :

Why stop it???

Many of us MAGA support the very worst Democrat leaders. We need Democrats to fuck up so badly that they implode for the long term.

When Pelosi the most powerful person in California, 3rd most powerful in the U.S, when her husband is attacked, it’s when you know we are about to get to Gotham City levels of crime.

We need Newsome, Pelosi, Maxine Waters to stay right where they are for another 8 good years.

Look at the City Pelosi represents. If they are willing to vote to live like this just to spite republicans then so be it :

How Kathy Hochul won New York Governor elections na crazy crime rates and stupid covid-19 control policies by Cuomo says a lot about lefties. Bora welfare support imeingia watu wa projects wako sawa tu :D:D:D

:D:D After crime spike leftist Portland walimea akili kidogo and have kicked out the pscho wholooks like a prop from the walking dead !

Ndio nawaambia tulieni. Trump is perfect where he is.

The English have an old expression that goes : Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

That’s what Dems are doing. They would rather damage themselves even harder to spite Trump who is in fact very unconcerned.

They are actually calling it “suffering to save democracy”.

“We are paying $7 gas to save Ukraine and Democracy.”

Facebook, Amazon, Google are also saving Democracy by losing billions of dollars daily. :D:D:D

It is better to stand back and not interfere with the stupidity in progress.

Kameenda hako kamama? Andy Ngo said that she is the ring leader of Antifa. Na kuna nugu ina kiss hio sura.

1990s :




Husband. Wazungu hupenda hawa scare crows:




waaah next time weka disclaimer we dont want nightmares usiku:oops::oops:

if a crack and meth head gave birth it would look like this !

[SIZE=7]‘Furious’ Trump is pinning the blame on Melania for his decision to back Dr. Oz: reporter[/SIZE]
Raw Story - 6h ago


Still, more reports are coming in about Orangeman[B][I]'s angry reactions[/I][/B] to seeing some of his hand-picked candidates face defeat during Tuesday’s midterm elections. :D:D:D

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman chimed in on Twitter with her own dispatch that claimed the twice-impeached former president is now even blaming former first lady Melania Trump for some of his own poor endorsements.

"Trump is indeed furious this morning, particularly about Mehmet Oz, and is blaming everyone who advised him to back Oz – including his wife, describing it as not her best decision, according to people close to him," Haberman writes.

Haberman also reports that the losses of Trump-backed candidates such as Oz and Don Bolduc may impact his decision to announce his third presidential campaign next week.

“There are people pushing Trump to reschedule his announcement next week, and several Rs have texted asking whether he will, but it’s risky and would be acknowledging he’s wounded by yesterday, something that some of his advisers insist is not the case,” she writes.

Trump started teasing his third presidential campaign earlier this week, and he also issued a warning against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis against pursuing the presidency in 2024.

“I really believe he could hurt himself badly,” Trump said of a potential DeSantis White House run. “I think he would be making a mistake, I think the base would not like it — I don’t think it would be good for the party.”

Another example of Trump’s waning influence was seen in Georgia, where Gov. Brian Kemp (R), who has been a target of Trump, won going away against Stacey Abrams (D), capturing 53 percent of the vote. But that success did not result in Trump-backed Republican Herschel Walker breaking past the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff.

And while the surprising results of Republicans falling short in House and Senate races were trickling in, one lone true bright spot stood out for the otherwise-beleaguered party: The blowout victories by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida, the once-purple state that now looks as red as Arkansas.

What this shows, of course, is that DeSantis had a record to run on, not just rhetoric.

A record that includes opening up Florida before any major state as the COVID-19 pandemic began to wane; a record that includes standing up for parents against teacher unions and their woke education policies that include teaching young children about sexual orientation and gender identification; a record that features exceptionally low unemployment in a state that already has no income tax. People are moving in droves away from states such as Illinois, California and New York and to states like Florida.

But as we saw on Tuesday night, those who ran and won without Trump’s endorsement or blessing in Florida and Georgia won “bigly,” as he might say. Glenn Youngkin (R) did the same in Virginia in 2021.

Youngkin, Kemp, DeSantis. It’s the Atlantic Coast Conference of younger, successful, principled leaders.

“The people have delivered their verdict: Freedom is here to stay,” DeSantis, 45, declared during an acceptance speech Tuesday night. “Now, thanks to the overwhelming support of the people of Florida, we not only won this election; we have rewritten the political map.” Those who once wouldn’t have thought about voting Republican did so for DeSantis; the GOP base became even more loyal, and independents broke hard for him.

Is Donald Trump the gift that keeps on giving – to Democrats?At the G20, Islamic clerics are mainstreaming pluralism
The same scenario could repeat itself if he’s the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee. Ask yourself this: If Trump and DeSantis both run, which appears to have momentum at his back? Which is the more discipled candidate? Which has the least baggage? And which is undefeated as a candidate?

The answers are obvious.

The year is 2022 not 2015.

No one in their right mind believes anything published by fake news.

Nothing and I repeat nothing and nobody will ever make us hate our dear leader President Trump and his lovely wife Melania.


Well, this is embarrassing. Something Kellyanne Conway said on Monday about what would happen on Tuesday has not aged well on Wednesday.

[MEDIA=twitter]1590258944689119232[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=twitter]1590259317051371521[/MEDIA]

The former White House propagandist appeared on Fox News Monday evening to gloat about how Republicans, and Donald Trump in particular, would have “a lot of good to say” after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Less than 48 hours later, the results of the midterms are still trickling in, but pretty much everyone agrees things didn’t go as expected.

It wasn’t a great night for either party, but Republicans definitely performed worse than anyone predicted, with many of the Trump-endorsed candidates losing their races by large margins. :D:D:D:D

Controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) ripped into her fellow Republicans the morning after the party’s lackluster midterm results and blasted those on the right blaming former President Donald Trump for the Democrat’s stronger-than-expected showing.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams ‘Lazy, Pathetic, Wimpy’ Republicans Blaming Trump For Midterm Result: ‘He’s Being Politically Persecuted!’

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“Now, they’re trying to blame President Trump today. And I want to tell you how shortsighted and ridiculous that is, it is pathetic the people that are running out saying it’s his fault. No, that is a lazy, pathetic, wimpy, easy mindset,” Greene said Wednesday on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.


“They just want one thing and then they want to carry on without doing the hard work – the real changes in the Republican Party and the way we fight the fight,” Greene continued, adding:
[INDENT]Here’s why it’s not Trump’s fault. Trump has been being politically persecuted for the past few years now, ever since January 6th. He went out and did 30 ‘Save America’ rallies all over the country, he endorsed something like 285 candidates. He held over 50 fundraisers, helped raise over $350 million for all these public tax patients.[/INDENT]

Greene, a close ally of Trump, joined the former president on the campaign and trail and has become a major fundraising power within the GOP.
“President Trump, isn’t the problem? President Trump is doing everything he can to help Republicans across the country and help Republicans win while he is being already politically persecuted worse than any human being in our country’s history,” Greene argued, parroting a common talking point from Trump.
“That’s the real truth. People that want to blame Trump, they are lazy. And that’s the problem. We have to do the real work, fix our issues and our party to fix issues in our state elections and all over the country,” she concluded.

Watch the full clip above

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Ex-White House aide and co-host of “The View” Alyssa Farah Griffin branded former President Donald Trump a “loser” — and said the Republican Party needs to admit that in order to finally “thrive.”

Griffin, a Trump-era White House official, made the comments about her former boss to CNN on Tuesday night as the GOP suffered setbacks in the 2022 midterm elections.

"If you want the Republican Party to thrive, we have got to just finally speak out and say, ‘This man is a loser,’ " Griffin said of Trump.
“He lost 2020, he’s about to, you know, he’s losing seats that were winnable this time, it’s time to look toward what the future might look like.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin; Donald Trump. Getty Images

Trump — who is expected to launch a 2024 presidential run next week — had endorsed hundreds of GOP candidates running for both state and federal office in this election cycle, but a much-anticipated “red wave” of Republican victories never came in the fight for control of Congress.

Many of Trump’s highest-profile endorsements lost in pivotal races and Republican analysts and commentators blamed Trump for the party’s disappointing performance in the midterm elections.


“How could you look at these results tonight and conclude Trump has any chance of winning a national election in 2024?”
ex-GOP strategist Scott Jennings, a former advisor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, said in an early Wednesday tweet.

Meanwhile, some GOP operatives are starting to rally around Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who won a historic re-election victory and solidified himself as a star of the Republican Party.

Trump had warned before Election Day that he would divulge embarrassing information about DeSantis if the young governor dared to challenge him for the GOP nomination in 2024.