The Comment Section is Hilarious

If your enemy is fighting you with simple weapons, you don’t need to use multi billion dollar weapon to fight them. You don’t need to bomb terrorists use ten bob bullets using $10 million bombs.

The response has to be proprtional to th threat. Otherwise terrorists they’re winning the war. That’s why the US lost in Afghanistan. The US spends on each soldier around $300K without even mentioning salary to train and deploy in soldier. The talibs spend $100 dollars to equip and train a soldier of theirs.

It’s a very wise decision by Nigeria. Don’t spend more on a threat than you. Otherwise you’ll go broke in a war you can’t lose but is impossible to define victory.


“…Nigeria in 2018 placed an order for 12 Super Tucano aircraft at a cost of $496 million to aid its war against insurgency”. One of those costs over USD 40 M! Someone once described them as agricultural implements!

That’s some of the cheapest and most sensible modern war planes today. Keep in mind that the cost includes[SIZE=6] specialized equipment, spare parts and operational support.[/SIZE]

In comparison, an F35 costs $135 million. operating it for an hour costs $36,000. That makes little to no sense when fighting people armed slightly better than cattle rustlers. Imagine spending $36,000 per hour to fight a guy holding an AK47 from 1970. And firing a missile that costs $300K at them. That is senseless.


Plus, it’s a proven weapon of war