The commander, Pastor Ng'ang'a, always realistic

With the arrest of Prophet Ezekiel, and of course the Mackenzie saga, Pastor Ng’ang’a makes it clear he has no intention of conning or deceiving his followers. He is bold enough to call it stupidity. He is honest enough to condemn the likes of Kanyari and helicopter ministry guy.


This is the kind of stupidity that the commander is condemning and saying “wakujiwe!”

:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dniliona huko kithimani amejenga hotel swafi na borehole nkajua sheep’s are generous

Ukishaita uyo msee commander then wewe pia uko cultism. By the way that reminds me niliwahi kosana na dem mbaya sana mpaka nikampiga venye alianza kuniingiia ati nisitusi commander. She used to call him spiritual dad. Everytime I could rip on him on Fb angekam kwangu na vituko. Niliseti yeye kofi koja takatifu which signified the end of the relationship.

Only dude I listen to is JJ, Harrison and Kanyari. I even send Kanyari 20bob coz he is an honest thug. Doesn’t need to sell you oil or do magic. He goes straight to the point.

Wanawake hubebewa akili haraka sana.

Hapa “commander” alikushinda: she respected him more than you because you lacked the magic touch.


It wasnt a competition

It is OK kuibia bonobos with the hope that watamea akili. But it’s not OK to kill them. Let them them keep breathing oxygen. It’s free and they may just chance on some other fortune that they will willingy bring to you for free and without any effort on your part.

Oh, it was; you just didn’t know it: you were both competing for her attention, but to get different things.

Tuliza nyege. It wasnt a competition. Wacha kuforce issues

A man who physically fights with women has a fragile ego especially when quietly walking away is an option

Thank God its you with the opinion, because I dont take your garbage opinions seriously. Nmekuweka in the same group as women.

Hehe, never mind.

I listen to JJ often. He makes a lot of sense most of the time and I like that he’s not fanatical. Uga kwíyíuria:D

Sisi tunatambua tu the mightiest mightiest prophets

Oh please! Peleka ujinga ya wokeness kwa nya…ama wacha tuu…

I watch JJ but for comedy purposes!!! he is hilarious. Here is his shameless wife…or is tactless…I don’t like JJ’s appointees in his Priesthood Ministry. Says a lot about him…

They should rightly call this comedy, not preaching. I call it rubbish.

You see… if they start charging us money to enjoy the comedy like Churchill, chances are that we won’t cough/show up. But when they disguise this nonsense and deliver it in churches packaged as sermons…we will gullibly toa muhothi, gifts and life goes on. Kiengei openly brags about what he rakes in every Sunday from online worshippers…Jesus needs to come back quickly and execute…Matthew 21:12-17 in Kiengei’s church. This one is worse than Kanyari and sheeple can’t see it…

The Catholic Church in Kenya is not spared either. Our priests buy prime property and build lavish mansions for their immediate siblings. Just imagine that…they also drink excessively and have sex with parishioners…debauchery is nowhere allowed near their vows of chastity, poverty and all dat.