The coming National Census

With the effects of tyranny of numbers. I communities inflating numbers courtesy of siasa mbaya.

My guess is Kenya has about 44 million people

The use of biometrics should remedy that. To save on costs, they should just borrow the IEBC kits.

last census, how did wariah inflate their numbers ?

It was a major conspiracy. Everybody in those regions down to the villagers and Census officials (the wariah ones) were in on it. If biometrics should be used this time then every count is biometrically confirmed fake numbers will not be possible. Their only recourse will be to import people from Somali

biometric will work well in urban centres, and places where farming takes place. but when it comes to pastrolist communities, not everyone will be at home when the census are conducted. for instance, the question of how many people live here ? samburu can claim 10 comfortably, and claim they are grazing/driving cattles in the plains.
can we subject underage person to undergo biometrics

Actually IEBC are in talks about it.

age aside as i do not think there’s anything wrong with recording their biometrics. the thing that should be of most concern is the time it would take and, therefore, cost…

The census question where the enumerator was not able to reach on Census night is “Who slept here on…(Census Night”.

Isn’t it IEBC’s mandate to carry out the census?

it is not. the National Census is a responsibility of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics


Well, I have worked closely with knbs for 4 years and I will tell you something; Those guys are thorough and have a presence in every village. I can confidently say they are more organised than IEBC. For example I needed data in turkana close to the lake itself…they followed a simple procedure…first they have an officer in every district… this officer maintains contact with influential people in every village through the chief and village elder(liguru in luhyia). This person knows every home and those who live there…turkanas are nomadic but there are a few elders who maintain a sedentary life…those will give all the info. Second area I visited was the clash hit baragoi…very volatile at the time but you feel safe because of the respected elders that knbs taps. They give orders and calm the situation…hadi mnakutana na combatants/ rustlers etc…thats how highly i regard knbs…and they have great data and maps (najua you are thinking why not Google maps …ndio utajua hio siku)…so if one wants to doctor the results it won’t be because of logistics but ukora tu

I think we are at 53m.

Will there be a question about sexual orientation?

If they find two men living happily together, watasumbua na maswali?

Don’t worry son, nobody cares about your orientation as long as you don’t push it on our faces - chunishwa skuma mos mos

It won’t be announced, just like last time.

The census should include demographics of the Chinese population in Kenya

Chiefs reported the numbers rather than actual counting of people.The same happened in Turkana.

I dont think we are there yet

The problem with census exercise is political weaponization. Why can’t we save that money and extrapolate from election data juu voting ni kama tribal census?