Sasa jamaa after ameona online(youtube/instagram) ame gather ku gather,akaona atoke pale EBRU TV.Which is good.Anything that is not growing is dead.Shida ni ati alitoka na tumadharau hoping the euphoria and or excitement that will be accompanied by his fake narrative will shatter the ceilings of Youtube viwership.Hio imebackfire because he needs to get back to the entertainment scene with a bang. Sasa tunaambiwa anaweza kuwa kwa septic tank za magufuli brah brah.His fellow bonobo ameonelea badala ya ku contact Matiang’i boys atufeed na ujinga[ATTACH=full]260754[/ATTACH]

Tuliona kitambo…

Tell him u saw it kabla ujuwe kutumia kabiro.

Everyone makes their mistakes.

am sure kuna kitu wanapanga na eriko
otherwise ako nacada board they meet frequently so hizi ni side shows for attention

this is a potential publicity stunt like the kristoff/kushtracey thing which ended up in a hopelessly tired collabo track.

This boy is ribbish