The Class 1 Laptop scam vs Better ideas

Ken Okoth has support from all ethnic groups in Kibra

Another ODM MP who did well is Otichilo of Emuhaya , perhaps the best MP of the last 10years. Hes already making great strides as Vihiga governor…lets vote for Ken as our next governor

Huyu akona damu na akili ya jubilee.


Hii akili yako ndogo ndio maana unatombewa bibi

True otichilo is transformational,no wonder getting to governor was a walk over for him,one of his visions is to power vihiga with solar ,and these development minded politicians dont walk around podiums shouting like moses kurias,very humble and get to where they are through work

I remember when he was going for his second term as MP no one dared oppose him…we asked him not to campaign… thanks to him the likes of Marende have been rendered irrelevant.

Jubiloots amaze again. Notice how they are all pussyfooted around the 17 billion laptop project instead opting only to congratulate Hon. Okoth for his project.

Weka maendeleo ya huyo otichilo impure one .Siku hizi tunataka efidens kama Sir @Ebru .

Vile thread wame derail :D:D:D , angalia heading ya @Mjuaji na comments , isokey tumbiliots.

2 months ago I listed almost 200 projects ranging from schools to dispensaries, roads , water (hadi kwa simba yangu ushago), electricity, (again thanks to him my isimba is connected) and numerous development projects, all using cdf and other development partners including the central government. Most Wanyore here will confess that they have benefitted from the dude in one way or another.

They also know we are fucked bila lube but somehow have to console themselves with stupid phrases like tano tena, kumi fresh,dynamic duo, jubilee development etc.

Blame city kanjuras…